Sometimes it seems that there is no way you can avoid getting stretch marks, cellulite or scars. They cause millions of Americans to be self-conscious of the way they look every day. There are several creams and lotions that claim to get rid of these problems, and while they help, they rarely completely get rid of them. The aestheticians at The Skin & Body Refinery is pleased to offer carboxytherapy to help you completely eliminate cellulite, stretch marks, and scars over the course of several treatments.

How Carboxytherapy Works

For carboxytherapy to work, small injections of carbon dioxide are injected just below the skin’s surface. This makes your skin think it is deprived of the oxygen it needs and will cause it to produce more. Your circulation will increase and your skin will produce more collagen which helps your skin look and feel younger. The drastic increase in oxygen flow will cause your skin cells to regenerate and leaves your skin smoother and reduces fat.

Is Carboxytherapy Permanent? How Long Does It Last

When it comes to carboxytherapy, you will not see the best results after just one session. For your stretch marks, cellulite or scars to completely disappear, it takes several treatments. The average person sees optimal results after 6-8 treatment sessions.

Carboxytherapy is Safe

Some may be wondering if carboxytherapy is safe. This is a minimally invasive treatment and has little to no side effects. Carbon dioxide is a natural gas and there are no known side effects when using it to improve your skin.

Carboxytherapy Services in Waco, Texas

The professional aestheticians at The Skin & Body Refinery are skilled in helping you improve your skin. Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our medical spa specialists today. We are excited to be offer carboxytherapy to local Wacoans and visitors to our beautiful city!

Spa Reservations

To ensure your preferred appointment time, it is recommended you schedule your spa experience with as much advanced notice as possible or at the conclusion of your last experience. Our professional staff allocates time especially for each guest, therefore, a credit card is requested to guarantee any reservation. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, reservations are subject to a $25.00 charge without at least 24 hours notice.