JuVaShape Technology Laser Treatments for Cellulite & Uneven Skin Textures

Cellulite and uneven skin textures are difficult issues to work with. Sometimes it seems no matter how much diet and exercise changes you make, these areas seem to continue to be a problem. The Skin & Body Refinery offers JuVaShape technology that can target these areas and repair them. This is the answer so many clients have been looking for to tighten and smooth out areas of their skin. JuVaShape technology renews, refreshes and revitalizes the face and body.

JuVaShape Technology Explained Simply

JuVaShape technology is the answer to renewing and smoothing skin in problem areas on the face and body. This is done with the use of radio frequency that couples with thermal energy to improve the look and feel of your skin. Here are a few of the problems that JuVaShape targets and renews.
Cellulite– Cellulite plagues men and women of all shapes and sizes. Using radio frequency, JuVaShape regrows and strengthens collagen, getting rid of cellulite.
Uneven Skin Textures– This new radio frequency technology can smooth uneven skin textures not matter what skin type you have.
Wrinkles & Rhytids– After a JuVaShape technology treatment, you can expect wrinkles and rhytids to be deeply treated. You will notice these areas smooth and facila contour can be improved.

JuVaShape Technology Offers Painless Results

Unlike invasive procedures such as liposuction, JuVaShape is a painless procedure that achieves outstanding results. No needles are used or incisions made, so you can expect to have no downtime after treatment and still get the results you are looking for.

JuVaShape Technology Laser Treatments in Waco, Texas

The Skin & Body Refinery understands how important your skin is to your confidence level and health. Our professional estheticians offer JuVaShape to help you attain the results you have been looking for that will leave you feeling and looking younger. Call us today!

Spa Reservations

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