Nail Services

Therapeutic Waterless Pedicure – $60

Waterless Pedicures are a much safer and more sanitary option, eliminating the possibility of any fungal transference that can occur in traditional water pedicures, and can be just as pampering! This 55-minute hands-on waterless pedicure uses sterile instruments to trim the cuticles, and smooth and shape your nails greatly reducing the risk of ingrown toenails. Gentle heel care is provided to remove dead skin cells, and callused areas followed by a moisturizing masque, and hot towels to relieve dry, cracked heels and leave your feet feeling smooth and soft. Hot stones are used as destressing massage tools to melt stress away, stimulate circulation and add moisture. The service is completed with a beautiful polish color if desired. I am very proud to be one of the few to use this unique method that continues to gain widespread popularity in the nail industry!