Cosmetic Dermal Injection Fillers for Face

Cosmetic fillers are simple procedures that targets areas, specifically in your face, that you would like to look younger and fuller. Cosmetic fillers are used to decrease the amount of noticeable wrinkles as well as add volume in other areas for a happy, healthful and youthful appearance. There are several different types of fillers that target specific areas on your face.

Botox Cosmetic Fillers for Around Eyes, Mouth & Other Areas

Botox is produced by the bacterium, Clostridium botulinum, and has been widely used to decrease the amount of wrinkle visible on your face. It is a process where controlled weakening of the muscles takes place, and in turn, erases those wrinkles. Botox filler is used most often in the area between the eyebrows where a furrowed brow causes deep wrinkles, as well as around the eyes (crow’s feet), and the area around the mouth where people suffer from severe frown lines. When using a Botox cosmetic filler to decrease wrinkles, it doesn’t allow communication between the nerve and muscle which helps the muscles relax and winkles soften.

Juvéderm Fillers for Around Mouth, Nose & Other Facial Areas

This is an exciting product among cosmetic fillers. Juvéderm is a filler made up of hyaluronic acid and has been proven to work better than other fillers on the market. It is used to decrease lines and creases in your forehead, around the mouth and the nose. It not only softens lines and creases, but also decreases scarring caused by acne, adds volume, and can be used in facial contouring.

Juvéderm Volbella Fillers for Lips

Juvéderm volbella filler is used specifically in defining lips. If you find that you have several fine lines around your lips, volbella works to eliminate them and in the process, adds definition. This is a way to add definition to your lips without adding volume or puffiness.

Juvéderm Voluma Fillers for Cheeks

Many women want to add volume to their mid-face or cheek area. Juvéderm Voluma is a filler that will do just that. This is a great way to get lift and contour in your cheeks without having to do it surgically. In the aging process, many women experience volume loss in their cheeks. Voluma will bring life back into your cheeks and give you a youthful look in the process.

Kybella Fillers for Chin

A double chin is an age-old problem for millions of people everywhere. Kybella filler is one of the first solutions to this problem that diet and exercise can’t seem to touch. This non-surgical procedure works to break down the fat that causes double chins and gives you the ideal profile again. Giving the same results as surgical options, Kybella is a non-invasive option.

Cosmetic Dermal Injection Fillers for Forehead, Cheeks, Around Eyes, Nose & Mouth, Face & Neck in Waco, TX

At The Skin & Body Refinery, we know how important it is to look youthful. If you are in search of non-surgical options to reverse the effects of aging, the fillers we use can target just about any area on your face, leaving you with flawless, youthful skin that would make anyone feel more confident. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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