Kybella Injectables for Double Chin Treatment

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could improve the look of your profile? It seems like something you could only fix with surgery. Diet and exercise don’t often effect your chin and neck area. The Skin & Body Refinery now offers Kybella fillers that will melt away that double chin and drastically change the way your profile looks without surgery!

How Kybella Treatments Work

When using Kybella injectables, there are several small injections made under your chin. Kybella works to literally melt away the fat that accumulates under your chin, eliminating your double chin and improving your profile.

How Long Does Kybella Last?

As Kybella is injected into several areas under your chin, it works to destroy fat cell membranes. Once these membranes are destroyed, it causes them to burst. There is now no way for these cells to store fat and they are flushed from the body, leaving you with permanent results. Going forward, any remaining cells will get larger if you put on weight and smaller if you lose weight, just like the other fat cells in your body. Because there are fewer cells to become larger in the area treated with Kybella, you will not put on as much fat there if you do gain weight.

More Than One Kybella Treatment is Needed for Best Results

For most people, it takes more than one Kybella treatment to get the final results you are looking for. There should be at least one month between your Kybella treatments and you should not exceed 6 treatments. You will be consulting with your medical spa specialist to determine the best course of treatment for your needs.

Kybella Injectables for Double Chin Treatments in Waco, Texas

Before your Kybella treatments, you will meet with one of our experienced medical spa specialists at The Skin & Body Refinery to discuss treatment. Say goodbye to the profile you aren’t currently happy with when you choose Kybella fillers. Call us today to set up your consultation.

Spa Reservations

To ensure your preferred appointment time, it is recommended you schedule your spa experience with as much advanced notice as possible or at the conclusion of your last experience. Our professional staff allocates time especially for each guest, therefore, a credit card is requested to guarantee any reservation. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, reservations are subject to a $25.00 charge without at least 24 hours notice.