Glutathione Injections

There are many stakes to anti-aging products out there, but this one uses natural antioxidants found in your liver. Glutathione aids in skin brightening, reducing fine lines and building collagen as it is a super antioxidant! Unfortunately, taking glutathione orally doesn’t deliver the same detoxifying results as it simply gets absorbed by your digestive system. Glutathione injections however, are a natural way to reverse the effects of aging as well as other benefits such as increased energy, stamina, body detoxification, and clearer, brighter skin. The Skin & Body Refinery offers these life changing injections and is here to explain a little bit more about them.

Glutathione: An Anti-Aging Secret

Glutathione is mainly found in the liver and works to filter out and detoxify harmful waste free radicals and toxins. It is also found in small quantities in the lungs and intestines. This amazing antioxidant also works in the bloodstream protecting both white and red blood cells from damage. Here are some of the ways it works to reverse the aging process. Glutathione:
• Breaks down oxidized fats
• Boosts the immune system
• Prevents & reverses acne
• Prevents & reverses wrinkles & crows feet
• Detoxifies the skin & body
• Protects skin against oxidative damage

Glutathione Decreases as Our Bodies Age

As you get older the level of glutathione naturally found in the body decreases. This speeds up the human aging process. The beauty of this is that a glutathione injection can give you full absorption of this important molecule and immediately begins working to reverse the effects of aging. Not only that, but it also will work to protect your body from a variety of diseases; especially those due to aging.

Glutathione Injections in Waco, Texas

The Skin & Body Refinery has a team of aestheticians that are trained and experienced in anti-aging techniques. We are excited to offer our customers this miraculous injection to help you fight the aging process naturally. Call us for more information on our glutathione injections administered in the hip today!

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