Hormones play such a key role in the way that both men and women feel. It’s no wonder that when those hormones are off balance, it can throw your entire life off. While in the past, many people have been left to suffer through these symptoms, there is now the help of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to help alleviate these symptoms. The Skin & Body Refinery is here to talk about some of the benefits you may see when using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to help keep your hormone levels where they should be.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

In the past, the use of hormone therapy was full of risks like breast cancer, heart disease and stroke. With these serious risks, bioidentical hormones have been developed to offer patients reprieve while cutting out those risks. These hormones are chemically the same as the hormones that your body produces on its own. This means that your body can’t tell the difference between BHRT and the hormones you would naturally produce. These hormones are made from many sources of plant and animal products.

BHRT Offers Relief for Patients

There are many symptoms that come with the natural aging process that are less that appealing. Some of these symptoms are caused by a hormone imbalance that BHRT can help battle. Here are some of the symptoms that BHRT can alleviate for patients experiencing perimenopause.
• Reduced Fatigue
• Increased Sex Drive
• Reduce Hot Flashes
• Eliminates Dry Skin Issues
• Improved Sleep
• Reduced Bloating

Common Types of Bioidentical Hormone Applications

Bioidentical hormones come is a variety of applications. Depending on the lifestyle and symptoms that the patient is experiencing, your physician may prescribe different applications. Here are the types of bioidentical hormones you will see.
• Creams
• Gels
• Tablets
• Patches
• Injections

FDA Approved Bioidentical Hormones

When you start the use of BHRT, you want to know you are using products that have been approved by the FDA. These products have undergone extensive testing and studies to provide you with a safe product. When you are purchasing the products from an unreliable source, you may be getting bioidentical hormones that haven’t been approved by the FDA and are unsafe to use on your body. You want to make sure you know where they are coming from and the quality of the products you are using.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Waco, Texas

If you find that you are interested in finding relief from some of the symptoms that come with the aging process, The Skin & Body Refinery can introduce you to the world of bioidentical hormones. With a full physical exam, our physicians are able to consult with you and let you know if BHRT is a good option for relief of your symptoms. Don’t hesitate to see the benefits that can come with the use of bioidentical hormones and find relief from perimenopause symptoms today. Call us today to set up a full physical exam and consultation with our experienced physicians today!

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