Hot stone massages have many benefits for those who receive one. Most massages are considered an alternate medicine and work well with additional medical treatments. Others seek out hot stone massages for the pleasure of it and it is considered an indulgence. However, hot stone massages also heal the body. The Skin and Body Refinery will share the benefits of hot stone massages and how it can heal and improve your way of life.

Heat from Massage Stones

Heat has been used for relieving muscle tension and pain since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The heat from the stones increases blood flow to the affected areas, which in turn can reduce muscle spasms. Heat can also increase flexibility and range of motion. In some cases, depending on the needs, therapies using both cold and heat will be alternated during the massage as the cold stone can reduce inflammation. By improving the blood flow to injuries one enhances healing and relieves the pain at the same time.

Hot Stone Massages Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Studies have shown that regular hot stone massages can reduce both stress and anxiety. Some studies have also shown that by reducing stress levels, they have improved cardiovascular responses and even reduced strokes. Some studies that are currently underway suggests hot stone massages be done before and after certain surgeries to help lessen recovery pain and anxiety before the surgery. Stress can lead to lack of sleep and other medical conditions such as ulcers and chronic headaches.

Massage Techniques for Insomnia & Sleep Problems

In 2006, studies were conducted comparing prescription sleeping pills versus hot stone massages when it came to helping patients sleep better when suffering from insomnia. Hot stone massages were more effective at the end of the day. When a 15 minute massage was given, patients claimed that they found it easier to relax into sleep and that it promoted deeper sleep. Not only did the massage help promote sleep, but many claim to feel more rested and alert the next day.

Pain Relief from Hot Stone Massages

Hot stone massages can help relieve pain from those who suffer from certain diseases such as fibromyalgia. Those who had a 30 minute hot stone massage slept longer and had less triggers. For those with rheumatoid arthritis and who have receive hot stone massages say it helps relieve the pressure built up in the joints which results in less pain.

Hot Stone Massage Immunity System Benefits

Studies in 2010 showed that Swedish hot stone massages had a positive impact on the immunity system. After receiving the massage, blood samples were drawn that revealed decreased levels in the arginine-vasopressin, which is a hormone that maintains blood pressure and water retention. The results are a higher and better immunity system.

Hot Stone Massages & More in Waco, Texas

With the benefits of relaxation, decreased stress and anxiety, pain relief and health benefits, hot stone massages have the ability to heal the body and mind. Regular hot stone massages can greatly improve daily life and make those who receive them more productive and rested. The Skin and Body Refinery provide Swedish and Hot Stone Massages for those seeking ways to improve their way of life. To know for yourself how hot stone massages can benefit your life, schedule an appointment with The Skin and Body Refinery.

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