\Named from Dr. John Myer, IV Therapy is sometimes referenced as Myer’s cocktail or IV Vitamin therapy. Patients related their experience as Dr John Myer reported using a 10-mL syringe to perform a slow vitamin push of various nutrients into the vein, though there is no written account of the exact treatment. The good news is that it is not exclusive to Hollywood’s rich and famous, though many celebrities advocate the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy. IV Vitamin Therapy is designed to revitalize the body and mind. There are many benefits to having affordable IV Vitamin Therapy and we at Skin and Body Refinery would like to share some of these advantages today.

Are IV Infusions Good for You?

A variety of vitamins and minerals in combination to treat specific disease is contained in the IV nutrient treatment. The treatment is done today with an IV bag instead of a syringe. With this treatment, people receive a lot more than hydration and nutrients. IV vitamin therapy treatment has a few common nutrients that include:
– Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid
– Magnesium Chloride
– Calcium Chloride
– B Complex

Vitamin IV Therapy is Better than Oral Supplements

According to the persons’ needs, these treatments can be customized. Quite a few people are taking advantage of the treatment with the many benefits it is offered. Taking vitamins and getting the nutrients through food is often not enough since a lot of the nutrients are lost after the body processes consumed vitamin capsules and foods. The digestive process is bypassed with the IV vitamin treatment, and this allows the body to absorb 100% of the nutrients. For this reason alone, vitamin IV therapy can correct micronutrient deficiencies. The overall nutritional status is improved as many find relief of the many symptoms.

Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

Advantages commonly experienced include:
1) Improved cold, allergy, and flu symptoms
2) An increase in energy
3) Stress symptoms decreased
4) Better hydration
5) Due to the regulation of the immune system, the symptoms of chronic illnesses and treating autoimmune disease flare-ups improve.
6) Skin quality is enhanced
7) Headaches decreased
8) Symptoms of depression get better
9) Asthma symptoms lessen
10) For optimal performance and improved endurance, athletes experience shortened recovery time.
Most people continually feel run-down, tired and in pain when they experience chronic stress, sleep deprivation, or inadequate nutrition. With IV vitamin therapy, any deficiencies in vitamins or minerals are addressed, which provides optimal nutrient levels and hydration status. To treat acute cases of migraines, seasonal allergies, colds, headaches, flus, morning sickness during pregnancy, fatigue, and even hangovers, vitamin IV therapy can help in many of these instances. Also, to help treat some chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, Lupus, Crohn’s Disease, IBS/IBD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Asthma, Ulcerative Colitis, Drug Addiction, Fibromyalgia, Adrenal Insufficiency, or Adrenal Fatigue, IV Therapy can be useful.

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No matter how clean you try to eat, the fact is that food today doesn’t have the same nutrient density that it once did. The optimal solution is IV nutrition therapy to receive the missing nutrients. Food has to be digested and absorbed efficiently in order for nutrients to reach the blood and therefore, your gut health has to be in optimal condition as well. Call Skin and Body Refinery for your appointment to take advantage of the IV therapy benefits.

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