Are you tired of looking tired? Is your skin suffering from sun damage, aging, wrinkles and scars from acne? There are many people that think there is not much you can do about it. They may also think that the only option for these types of damage is to have injections. Although fillers like Botox are a great way to smooth of the look of your skin it is not the only treatment available. If you are not ready to start injections but you want an option for younger and healthier looking skin, then pixel resurfacing may be the answer for you. The treatment can be done in a medical spa like The Skin & Body Refinery.

The Skin And Body Refinery Explains What Pixel Resurfacing Is & What Benefits It Has For the Health of Your Skin

What is Pixel Skin Resurfacing?: When you go to have a pixel skin resurfacing treatment you are essentially having the top two layers of your skin treated. The top two layers hold a lot of the damage on your skin that people want to diminish. The laser treatment makes small perforations in the layers of the skin to help induce healthy growth of the surrounding skin. This will bring out new skin that is healthier, smoother and tighter. This treatment can be done on any adult that wants to improve the look and feel of their skin.
What Skin Conditions Can Improve With Pixel Resurfacing?: There are many skin ailments that can be diminished and helped with this type of treatment. If you have wrinkles that you want to have smoothed out, this can help. The scars left from acne and other damage can be diminished as well as brown spots and sun spots. The treatment will cover the surface with tiny perforations that are enough to resurface the appearance of the skin.
What to Expect from Pixel Resurfacing: When you go in for a treatment most people want to know what to expect and if it will hurt. The treatment has some discomfort when it is performed so the technician will often apply some anesthetic prior to the treatment. Many patients are able to handle the treatment without concern. After the treatment has been done the skin may feel a lot like a sunburn and may have some areas that sting. There are some creams and after care treatments that should be applied to allow the healing process to occur. The process will normally take a few treatments to get the outcome that you want.
What To Do Before Your Pixel Laser Treatment: If you are ready to have your pixel resurfacing you want to be sure that you come to the appointment with no makeup on. You want a clean surface for the technician to work on and so the cream can work to numb the area being treated in advance. Be sure that you talk to your technician about any other skin problems you have had in the past such as cold sores or break outs.

Laser Skin Pixel Resurfacing & More in Waco, Texas.

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