There is nothing more beautiful than being pregnant. Although, as your body changes, you are bound to feel some incredible discomfort. Because of the growing baby in your tummy, there are few medications that can be taken to relieve these aches and pains. Luckily, there are several natural courses of treatment that are much safer and offer the same relief. Prenatal massage is one option that can offer pregnant women relaxation as well as eased pain. The Skin & Body Refinery is here to talk about the many benefits prenatal massage can offer.

Prenatal Massage Increases Circulation

The increased amount of blood a woman carries around with her while pregnant requires her body to work harder to circulate it. Massage can help the decrease the amount of swelling in the hands and feet as it increases circulation.

Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are a common struggle for pregnant women. Using quality massaging oil during a prenatal massage helps to moisturize and soothe the skin. Having the massage performed by a knowledgeable professional that understands essential oils and only uses those that are blended specifically for pregnancy should be a top priority as some oils can carry risk for pregnant women.

Massage Can Help Migraines

Another common complaint from expectant mothers is headache. Some suffer from migraines that can be debilitating. These headaches are often a result of poor posture and stress or tension caused by pregnancy. Relieving tension coupled with better circulation are ways that massage can help.

Massage for Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy

Anyone that has experience sciatica nerve pain can attest that it is truly miserable. This shooting pain that travels down the back of the thigh and through the rest of the leg is simply unbearable. Gentle massage can offer our clients the relief that they are surely earnestly seeking.

Pregnancy Back Pain Relief

Backache is a common complaint from people, pregnant or not, but the unbalanced weight of a growing belly can worsen back pain or even cause it in those that didn’t suffer before pregnancy. Massage is a great way to loosen those muscles that are constantly strained to support your growing midsection.

Massage Techniques for Gerd & Heartburn Relief

Not all pregnant women experience heartburn issues. As your baby grows, there is a certain amount of pressure placed on the digestive track which causes it to become sluggish. This allows the baby to take vital nutrients that your body needs. As a result, you may experience heartburn as well as constipation. If you are feeling stressed, this can worsen heartburn. Massage will help you relax and, in turn, provide some relief from the heartburn you are experiencing.

Prenatal, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue Massage & More in Waco, Texas

At The Skin & Body Refinery, our massage therapists have the training and experience needed to offer you the relief that is only attainable during a prenatal massage. Don’t let pregnancy stresses and pressures cause such discomfort that you aren’t able to enjoy this wonderful experience. Call us today for your prenatal massage and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation.

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