There are so many procedures and products that assist in giving us healthy and beautiful skin and hair. Of course there are many natural ways to continuously maintain great skin and hair as well. This one happens through eating the right foods. Yes, you should always start with what’s inside to improve the look and health of what is on the outside. Today The Skin and Body Refinery will share the top recommended superfoods that will greatly improve the look and health of both your skin and hair.

Aronia Berry Antioxidant Benefits

Aronia berries or also known as the chokeberries are packed full of antioxidants. The aronia berry contains a high amount of polyphenols and even more so than blueberries and acai, which puts them as one of the top types of superfood. The polyphenols greatly improve the look and health of the human body and skin. An Aronia berry helps reduce inflammation, as well as reduce acne and wrinkles. They also improve circulation. Many people will use aronia berries in smoothies, syrup and jams for regular consumption. It never hurts to through a few aronia berries in some ice cream or yogurt as well.

Bell Pepper Vitamin C Nutrition

Bell peppers comes in red, green, orange and yellow, but regardless as to which color of bell pepper you prefer, all have great benefits for both your hair and skin. Bell peppers have a high source of vitamin C that enhances your body’s collagen production. Most people don’t realize that they may have a vitamin C deficiency. Even minor cases can lead to dry hair that breaks or splits easily. For those who don’t mind having the slight spice in their life it is recommended you eat half a bell pepper to receive all of your body’s daily needs of vitamin C.

Zinc & Collagen from Lobster

Many people just love lobster. It can become a highlight of an evening dinner not only for your taste buds, but for your body as well. Your hair and skin require a good source of zinc to help protect your body’s cell membranes. Additionally with zinc you also maintain collagen which is essential in speedy skin renewal. Due to the high amount of zinc found in lobster it is counted among the top list of superfoods.

Spinach Benefits for Skin & Hair

Spinach, along with kale, has a huge source of vitamin C and E as well as beta-carotene. This gives your body the antioxidants and resources it needs to renew and even protect your skin from harmful UV rays. For those who can find a delicious way to consume about a cup a day of these amazing leafy green veggies will have improved health and of course beautiful skin. Truly there are many great ways to serve spinach. You can easily find a place for spinach at your dinner table very night.

Almonds Health Benefits

Almonds are rich in both vitamin E and flavonoids, which are great for a healthy heart. However your skin needs a regular source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps your skin by warding off damaged free radicals often caused by smoking. You will find many delightful ways to consume almonds. You can find plenty of nutrition from almond milk, butter, or even just grabbing a handful for a crunch snack. These nuts will provide your body with enough of the vitamin E it needs to protect your skin.

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