Body sugaring is a natural way to wax the body and face with several other benefits too. For those who regularly require body waxing and never have had the experience of having body sugaring, The Skin and Body Refinery will share some of these advantages.

Advantages of Sugar Waxing

Contains All Natural Ingredients – Sugar wax is naturally made from sugar, water, and citric acid, which doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.
Prevent Burns – Hot waxes can burn the skin and leave behind unsightly red bumps or blisters. Occasionally, the wax will get too hot and if the temperature wasn’t tested first, it can result in scarring or mild burns. For those who have been burned once before, you know how badly that sucks. With sugaring it isn’t heated. It is only slightly warmed before use, which means no burning.
Easier Clean Up – Since sugaring wax is made with natural ingredients, it is much easier to wash away. Regular warm water will easily wash the residue sugar wax away. Most waxes require an extra cleaner just to remove the residue wax. Additionally, after the sugar wax has been removed, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue afterwards either. If wax accidentally spills on the counter top, floor, or cloth, it can be easily washed off as well.
It Doesn’t Remove Skin – Since the sugar paste or wax is water soluble, it doesn’t stick to skin. When using regular wax, the surface skin cells are often removed with the hair. In other words, you’re peeling off a fine layer of skin each time you wax. With sugar wax, the dead skin that has already loosened and is ready to fall off does go with the hair, which helps maintain healthier looking skin. It’s stressful for the skin to remove living skin cells which cause more pain when the skin is removed. By using the body sugaring method, you preserve your healthy skin cells and it hurts less.
Doesn’t Dry on the Skin – Sometimes wax will cool down too fast, which makes it difficult to remove or peel off of the skin. When sugaring wax or paste cools, it still comes off the skin even after it cools. It doesn’t matter how long it sets on the skin it will still peel off and remove the body hair.
More Sanitary – Sugar paste is made as needed. It never sits inside a pot until it is fully used before new wax is added or the pot gets cleaned. Additionally, if sugar paste is made in advance, due to the high sugar content, no bacteria can develop inside the paste.
Doesn’t Break the Hair – Waxes do not remove all of the hair. About 30% of the hair breaks instead of getting removed. The hair usually breaks at the surface or slightly underneath the skin which give a smooth feel, but only for a very brief period of time. Sugar paste grips and envelops the entire hair and removes the hair by the root which prolongs the new hair growth.

Body Sugaring & More in Waco, Texas

As for whether body sugaring is a permanent hair removal; unfortunately no. There are no truly permanent hair removal methods. But there are a number of benefits for using body sugaring wax versus traditional wax. If you want to experience the benefits of body sugaring, or any of our other medical or day spa services, contact The Skin and Body Refinery for an appointment today.

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