We all know that cellulite is those nasty dimpled or lumpy area(s) on our body. The most commonly affected areas are our bottom and thighs. However, but just what is cellulite exactly and how can we combat it? Cellulite affects about 80 to 90 percent of women and also affects men. For those who what to understand what cellulite is and how to combat its effects, The Skin and Body Refinery will explain it in detail.

Cellulite Definition & Grades

Cellulite is basically fat deposits that have pushed their way through the connective tissues beneath the skin. However cellulite has various grades that are measured by each level or severity of the fat deposits.
Grade 1 is considered a mild case where the appearance of the cellulite is similar to orange peel. There may be 1 to 4 light depressions and sagging of the skin.
Grade 2 is considered more moderate and can be described as looking more like cottage cheese and may contain 5 to 9 depressions. In addition, the skin seems to appear droopy.
Grade 3 is a severe case where some will say the cellulite looks like a mattress with 10 or more depressions and the skin has become very droopy or saggy.

Does Food or Dairy Cause Cellulite

Why cellulite actually occurs is still unknown. However research has pointed to the connective tissue and the dermatological layer. Women’s fat cells and the connective tissue is one of several layers. The tissue layer goes vertically, while in men this layer crisscrosses which may be why cellulite occurs most often in women. If the fat cell protrudes into the top layer, cellulite will appear. Some other culprits may have to do with age and hormones. Cellulite production is impacted by a few hormones such as estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones, prolactin and noradrenaline. As women age, these hormones fluctuates which can result in increased cellulite development.
Poor lower leg circulation may be another contributing factor. Less oxygen into the tissue can lower the collagen production which enlarges the fat cells as estrogen levels fall. Other contributing factors are due to genetics, poor dietary choices, and lack of exercise.

Treatment for Cellulite on Buttocks, Thighs & Other Areas of Body

Since many women decide they can’t go through life with cellulite, there are many treatment options available including carboxytherapy. Carboxytherapy basically involves using a dioxide gas that is inserted underneath the skin. Mild bruising and discomfort can occur after the procedure, but it is an effective way to remove cellulite. Another method is by using laser treatments that help get rid of cellulite. There are also various creams and topical ointments such as caffeine and retinol that help reduce the appearance of cellulite and thicken the skin.

Carboxytherapy, M’lis Detoxification Contour Body Wraps & More in Waco, Texas

For those who want help removing the cellulite from off of their body, The Skin and Body Refinery can help. We provide several procedures that help reduce the appearance of cellulite such as carboxytherapy and M’Lis body wraps. Don’t feel like you can’t ever wear shorts or a bathing suit again. Reclaim your body and schedule an appointment with The Skin and Body Refinery today!

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