When it comes to skin, many seek ideal ways to improve what they view as imperfections. Whether it is through topical creams and daily regimens, or more extensive treatments and procedures, there is an assortment of options readily available. One of these quality selections you have to choose from are chemical peels. With that in mind, we at The Skin and Body Refinery would like to discuss chemical peels and their many benefits.

Improve Skin Texture on Face

With the use of an acid based solution, a trained professional can help people remove the dead and damaged upper skin layers to smooth and refine the skin’s texture. When efficiently performed by a skilled professional, the chemical peel treatment can safely reduce fine lines, correct skin tone, as well as other skin damage derived from acne or the sun.

Light, Medium & Deep Chemical Peels

The potential restoration of skin that is wrinkled, blotchy, and sun damaged skin to a vibrant and youthful glow can be achieved with chemical peels. There are three basic levels of chemical peels that offer their own set of benefits.
1) Light Chemical Peel: Improves acne scars, reduce sun damage effects, and can correct skin texture.
2) Medium Chemical Peel: Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, correct some color pigment issues such as age spots, and improve acne scars.
3) Deep Chemical Peels: Eliminate the deep coarse wrinkles, remove pre-cancerous growths, and assist in treating sun damaged skin.
When visiting a medical spa such as The Skin & Body Refinery for example, our specialists can consult with you to determine which peel is ideal for your specific skin goals.

Chemical Peel Recovery

However, being that chemical peels are done through the use of acid solutions, there are some side effects that are most commonly resolved in a few days. Some examples include infection, numbness, and scarring. Light and medium side effects, typically cleared in a few days, include mild irritation, redness, and peeling. The deep chemical peels can have more effects and take longer to recover from; peeling and crusting are more dominant for example. No matter which procedure suits you best, it is important you follow the instructions perfectly before and after treatment to minimize any ill-effects. Generally, those that undergo chemical peels do not experience severe side effects and would do it again. However, the deep chemical peels have more risk that might result in permanent pigment change for people with darker skin tones and scarring, as well as chemical burns. When consulting about a chemical peel, most professionals needs to know a few things regarding your medical background including if you have a tendency to scar, any history of heart disease with you and family members, as well as if you get recurring cold sores or fever blisters.

Deep Chemical Peel for Dark Skin?

When considering the deep chemical peel, those with a darker complexion are not ideal candidates because there are certain high-risks involved like permanent pigment alterations. Those with a history, or family members of heart disease might not qualify for the deep chemical peel as well and if that is a procedure you want to explore, you will likely need to clear it with your primary health care provider. Also keep in mind the deep chemical peel requires anesthesia and those that have a history of anesthesia-related complications should not select this option.

Chemical Peels & More in Waco, Texas

The Skin and Body Refinery has specialists readily available to provide medical spa treatments, including chemical peels. Make an appointment today for your consultation and we will discuss your options and find the optimal solution for your ultimate goals.

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