There are a lot of myths surrounding Dysport. Many people will see someone with a super tight unnatural face and blame Dysport. However, many people do not understand what Dysport does and how it helps to restore youthful skin. With so many myths leading to a number of misconceptions about Dysport, Skin And Body Refinery would like to take the time to debunk some of the common myths surrounding Dysport.

Dysport is Not Poisonous

Many people will spread the myth that Dysport is poisonous. Dysport is made from a toxin which is where many people have jumped to the conclusion that it is poisonous. Where a type of botulinum toxin is used in Dysport, a large amount of this toxin can cause botulism. However, there is nowhere near enough of this toxin in a Dysport injection to cause any harm. Dysport has been used for over forty years and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Does Dysport Paralyze Your Face?

Dysport injections causes the face to become frozen and stiff, leaving you void of all expression – This is yet another common myth about Dysport. Dysport is used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport will achieve smoother skin by relaxing the smaller muscles in the face, but certainly not all of the muscles which would leave you with a dead expression. You can still have plenty of movement in the face ensuring natural facial movement.

Do Dysport Injections Hurt?

When you get Dysport they use a giant needle to inject underneath the skin causing terrible pain. Where Dysport injection do use a needle, they are the same size as a vaccine needle. For some people, getting poked with a needle is a bit uncomfortable but often a numbing agent is applied to the skin which reduces most of the pain from the injection. Yes, you will be poked with a needle but it is no more painful than getting a shot to numb the skin.

Does Dysport have Serious Side Effects?

The neurotoxin in Dysport can reach your nervous system and cause serious medical problems like botulism. Or, Dysport side effects are never worth the risk! Yes, Dysport will have some side effects such as soreness from the injection that quickly goes away. There may also be some pink around the site of the Dysport injection. However, there are no life changing side effects, and the Dysport injection will not affect your nervous system.

Is Dysport Addictive?

When you get Dysport you will become quickly addicted to the injections. There is nothing in a Dysport injection that has any addictive properties. Many people will claim Dysport is addictive and they will have you coming back for more and more injections. Whereas people will return for Dysport injections, it is only because of the results. Dysport injections need to be redone around every 4 to 6 months to maintain youthful skin. However, you can stop getting Dysport whenever you want and you will not go through any withdrawal symptoms. Dysport is not addictive and this myth has been medically debunked.

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There are a lot of myths about Dysport, and most of them are taken out of context or are simply not true. If you want to see if Dysport is right for you, come on down to the Skin And Body Refinery today.

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