Though more commonly used as an anti-aging tool, Dysport is readily used to treat different issues. A side effect is bruising for some people, despite providing quick results. Today, we at Skin and Body Refinery wants to help you avoid post treatment bruising, especially if you have sensitive skin or know you are prone to bruising, with the helpful tips listed below.

What Should You Not Do Before Dysport?

Blood Thinners should be Avoided. At least one to two weeks before treatment, preferably, you should stop taking blood thinners. Blood thinners include medications like Aspirin or NSAIDs such as Advil, Naproxen, Motrin, or Ibuprofen and supplements including turmeric, vitamin E, garlic, St. John’s Wort, or oils high in omega-3 fatty acids. Blood thinners work by slowing platelets or weakening the blood clotting effects of the vitamin K in your blood. Even from minor scrapes or wounds increases, the overall chance of bleeding and bruising because of this. However, be sure to consult with your doctor before stopping any regular medication or supplements. If you are on medication such as Warfarin for cardiovascular issues or are unable to stop taking your medication per your doctor’s instructions, rest assured that any potential bruising is only temporary.
Avoid Drinking Alcohol. If you drink alcohol, you increase the risk of bruising due to the rise in blood flow, which is a vasodilator that causes your blood vessels to relax and open. You should be avoiding alcohol for 24 hours before and after your treatment to help stave off any chances of bruising.

How Do I Get the Best Results from Dysport?

Arnica Use. Available as both oral tablets and topical ointments, Arnica, derived from the Arnica Montana herb is a natural remedy for pain and bruising for centuries. Most pharmacies, natural supplement stores, and homeopathic shops carry it. Try to take it 4-5 days before and after your procedure and follow the label’s directions.
Pineapple Indulgent. An enzyme called Bromelain is in the juice and stem of pineapple contain, can help greatly reduce the severity and duration of a bruise. After your treatment, treat yourself to a slice or some pure pineapple juice. If pineapple isn’t your favorite, consider a Bromelain supplement.
At the Injection Site, Keep it Iced. Grabbing an ice pack and applying it to the area is always a goo idea. The cold will constrict blood vessels, which slows the flow of blood to the site of injection. Since a bruise is simply bleeding under the skin, slowing the blood flow will reduce the risk of bruising. It may also be a good idea to apply an ice pack to the area before the procedure is done. You can alleviate any discomfort resulting from the needles by numbing the area.
Extreme Exercise Should be Avoided. With Dysport, you can almost instantly return to your daily activities. However, for a few days, you will need to skip your trip to the gym or nightly run. It can contribute to bruiser being great for your health is the increase in blood flow you experience. Consider a nice walk or even a leisurely bike ride, instead of the intense job.

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