Our body is full of hormones that need to be in perfect balance. However, as we age or due to certain circumstances, hormones can change or become out of balance. For women it is not just about if or our hormones will no longer be in balance, it’s a matter of when. Menopause is a time when a woman’s body is undergoing a lot of changes that affects hormone and more. As you cannot change or stop menopause, you can help restore your hormonal balance with Hormone Pellet Therapy. Hormone changes can happen randomly and it is hard to know when you need hormone therapy. Skin And Body Refinery will share some of the classic signs and symptoms of hormone imbalance and when to start Hormone Pellet Therapy.

How Do Hormone Pellets Work?

Hormone pellet therapy, or most often referred to as hormone replacement therapy, are used to restore hormone balance. Pellet therapy uses hormones from natural resources, mainly plants. The plant based pellets are designed to release estrogen or testosterone into the body over a period of time. Women often need estrogen hormones. These pellets are injected just underneath the skin and releases small doses of the hormones. The pellet implant has been found to be extremely effective.

How Do I Know if I Need Hormone Therapy?

When your hormones are out of balance, women will develop a few symptoms. Recognizing the signs of hormone imbalance will help you know when to seek hormone therapy. Here are some of the common signs of hormone imbalance for women.
Temperature Control – Your body’s hormones aid in your internal temperature control system. When the hormone levels are not correct they often lead to hot flashes and or night sweats. The hormones can cause your blood vessels to expand which creates wave of heat. When the body becomes too hot, it develops a red flush to your skin tone and you sweat. If you notice hot flashes or night sweats, you most likely need to begin hormone therapy.
Mood Swings – It is normal for everyone to be in a bad mood or to experience mood swings from time to time. However, when the hormones are out of balance, you may notice you have a lot more mood swings than normal. Mood swings don’t just affect the people around you, but you as well. Mood swings often cause stress and anxiety. You will want to find way to reduce stress and anxiety such as eating nutritious food, drinking water and tea, yoga and meditation. However, that is often not enough. You will need to take control of your moods which mean bringing balance to your hormones.
Hair Loss – Another sign of hormone imbalance in both men and women can be hair loss. Hair loss can be due to genetics, age, and nutritional problems. But occasionally, hair loss is a result of hormone problems. If your hair has been thinning out rapidly, that may be a sign you need hormone therapy.

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If you discover you share many of these signs or symptoms of hormone deficiency, you may want to see if hormone pellet therapy is right for you. To begin hormone pellet therapy, contact Skin And Body Refinery today.

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