For a healthy body, sweating is normal and, most importantly, necessary. To regulate our body temperature and filter toxins out of the body we need to sweat. But when sweating becomes unbearable and affects your quality of life, there are solutions. Excessive sweating is common among a lot of people, and it is known as hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can affect larger areas of the body, but it affects different parts of our body such as palms, scalp, underarms, groin area, or feet. Today, we at Skin and Body Refinery would like to discuss how Botox and Dysport helps hyperhidrosis.

When Should I Be Worried About Excessive Sweating?

There are various causes behind hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can’t really be prevented as it is from genetic predisposition that manifests as focal hyperhidrosis, and is also known as primary hyperhidrosis, to secondary hyperhidrosis that is the effect of an underlying health condition, like hyperthyroidism, obesity, or Parkinson’s disease. However, it can be treated. In addition to being discomforting, excessive sweating can be embarrassing, upsetting, and at times, can cause social isolation. Nothing seems to work against hyperhidrosis, despite a large number of antiperspirants available on the market. Botox and Dysport, however, are the exception. These injections have been proven to be the most effective treatment against hyperhidrosis, though it is more known to wrinkle reduction.

How Does Botox & Dysport Work for Hyperhidrosis?

Used often in medical and cosmetic dermatology is Botox and Dysport. These treatments are neurotoxins prepared from the botulinum toxin that causes botulism. Botox and Dysport are entirely safe to use in cosmetic procedures and, most importantly, very efficient when dosed appropriately. It temporarily paralyzes muscles when used to smooth wrinkles. When used to fight medical conditions like muscle spasms and migraines, it does the same thing. Botox and Dysport blocks the nerve signals responsible for sweating when used to stop overactive sweat glands that produce too much sweat. Botox and Dysport continues to be the most effective long-term solution among the many treatments advertised as a solution to excessive sweating.

Botox & Dysport Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

Those suffering from hyperhidrosis will have to get Botox or Dysport injections in the area of concern. Especially when administered for excessive underarm sweating, the injections are usually well-tolerated, however. Hyperhidrosis is among the most common types of excessive sweating and the injections of botulinum toxin are the most effective treatment currently available. With the help of these injections, sweat glands on the hands and feet have also been kept under control. As studies show Botox and Dysport to be very effective against forehead sweat too. Due to the increased number of nerves present in the areas, some patients may experience a higher level of discomfort during these procedures. Before the procedure, dermatologists who administer these injections for hyperhidrosis usually apply numbing cream to the treatment area up to one hour, however. The area gets cleaned, and then the doctor administers several injections using a very tiny needle. Below the surface of the skin, the needle will go. The procedure doesn’t take long and requires only one office visit.

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