Winter time means colder temperatures. The harsh cold air often dries out the deepest layer of your skin, especially on the face. The cold air that dries out your skin can contribute to fine lines and dull or ashy looking skin. If you are looking for ways to combat dry skin this winter, Skin And Body Refinery will share how Hydrafacials can help maintain hydrated and healthy skin this winter season.

How Does Cold Winter Weather Change Your Skin?

The cold winter air can and does suck the moisture out of your skin. When this happens, the skin will have excessive dryness and will develop cracking. Dry and cracked skin is painful and it can even be embarrassing to some. For those who have skin conditions such as eczema, the cold air will aggravate and inflame the skin. Not only is the cold air harsh on your skin but also going from the cold outdoors into a warm home increases the dryness of your skin. Taking a very hot shower to help warm you up in the winter can also dry out the skin and often you will feel itchy afterwards. As you can see, during the winter season there are a number of elements that are working to dry out and damage your skin.

Will HydraFacial Help Dry Skin?

A hydrafacial is a professional skin resurfacing treatment that uses advanced medical-grade skincare serums and a vacuum technology. The vacuum and serum works together to exfoliate and re-hydrate deep into the skin. Hydrafacials use a hand held device that applies a specialized cleaner and the serum to the skin in a spiral like motion. While applying the serum cleanser mixture, a vacuum is activated that sucks and removes skin imperfections that are deep in the pores. The suction from the vacuum device also removes dead skin cells. The hydrafacial deep cleans and exfoliates the skin while the serum moisturizes the skin. Often a hydrafacial lasts around thirty minutes and with no recovery or down time. Your skin will look brighter, feel smoother and be hydrated! Hydrafacials are one of the best ways to combat dry skin during the winter season.

Other Benefits of a Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacials not only revive and soothe dry skin, but it also has long term benefits. Hydrafacials are able to improve uneven skin tones as well as reduce the appearance of brown or sun spots. After being out in the sun during the summer season, you may have developed a few brown or sun spots. With a hydrafacial, you can reclaim an even and healthy skin tone. Hydrafacials can also improve the skin’s texture and remove fine lines and wrinkles. With Hydrafacials you can improve your overall skin complexion as well as improve the health of your skin. Your skin will look and feel better after receiving a hydrafacial treatment.

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For those who constantly fight dry skin in the winter you should try getting a hydrafacial. If you have thirty minutes to spare out of your day, then make an appointment for your hydrafacial at Skin And Body Refinery today.

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