Finding a happy medium between the 90’s pencil thin eyebrows and 80’s bushy eyebrows, microblading offers a unique opportunity to properly shaped and full eyebrows. Additionally, some people struggle to grow eyebrows, making them wish there was an alternative to drawing them in. Microblading is an ideal option for people to solve some eyebrow woes and we and The Skin Body and Refinery would like to elaborate on microblading.

What is Microblading & Shading?

In a manner of speaking, microblading is a surface tattoo, not going as deep as traditional tattoos. Outfitted with 7 to 16 (or more) micro-needles in various configurations, the pen-like tool is used by the artist. These microneedles are so small that they can’t be seen in detail by the naked eye. This is so that they can mimic brow hairs with the thin strokes that is created. A shading technique that involves “plucking” the skin to deposit the ink manually might also be used.

How Long Does Microblading Take to Get Done?

The first microblading usually takes the longest, taking anywhere from 1 ½ hours to 2 hours, depending on the skills and the shapes of the goal brows. Typically, a numbing agent, such as lidocaine, is applied to the brows and then the procedure takes 30-45 minutes. There is no pain with the numbing agent, making the procedure comfortable and relaxing. There may be discomfort after the procedure and an over-the-counter pain reliever can help until the healing is done.

Microblading Healing Process & Stages

Healing varies from each person, but it generally has a 2 week aftercare plan. The day following the treatment, people may notice the eyebrow area turn very dark, then it will soften and peel; either in patchy chunks or light flakes similar to dandruff. It is ideal to give the area one full month to heal. Touch-ups are then scheduled as needed. For the best healing process, make sure the eyebrow area is clear of oil build-up and the area is moist. If your skin is dry, be sure to use moisturizer and avoid over-exposure to water, and those with oilier skin need to keep the area clean of excess oil build-up. Eventually, the color will fade even though it is classified as permanent makeup. The results differ depending on the person and their reaction to the ink, but generally, it lasts about 2 years. To keep the color fresh, it is recommended the individual gets a touch up every 6-8 months.

Who Should or Should Not Get Microblading?

For microblading, anyone with healthy skin are good candidates. The healthier skin the safer the treatment and more satisfying results. The outcome will be unpredictable and often poor if the skin is unhealthy because the procedure involves traumatizing the skin. People experiencing the following health concerns are not ideal candidates and should consider other alternatives:
– Bleeding disorders
– Active inflammatory conditions near the eyebrows (Eczema or Shingles)
– Ink allergies
– Taking prescription acne medications (Accutane)
– Applying anti-aging ingredients (Retinol)
– Taking blood thinners
– Supplements
– Thyroid disorders
– Diabetes
– Recent Waxing
– Recent Chemical Peel

Microblading Eyebrows, Permanent Cosmetics & More in Waco, Texas

For those with healthy skin, be sure to find a reputable professional to do your microblading, such as the experts at The Skin and Body Refinery. Call us today to schedule your consultation and we will happily explain the process and answer your questions.

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