Cellulite, also known as orange-peel skin or cottage-cheese skin is a condition that affects approximately 85% of all women across multiple age groups. Cellulite can be described as dimpled and lumpy skin which is most often found on the buttocks and thighs although it can occur on many other areas of the body. Cellulite can affect men as well as women and is typically ranked into three grades of severity.

Grades of Cellulite

Grade 1 (mild) – is considered the least aggressive form and is often described as orange-peel like in appearance with superficial indentations and a mildly loose appearance of the skin.
Grade 2 (moderate) – is described as cottage cheese like in appearance with skin that has moderate indentations and a moderately loose appearance of the skin.
Grade 3 (severe) – is best described as mattress-like in appearance with deep indentations and a severely loose appearance of the skin.

What Causes Cellulite?

The exact cause of cellulite remains unknown but researchers believe there are a number of factors which can influence your chances of developing cellulite such as hormones, for example estrogen and insulin, as well as hormones produced by the thyroid. Researchers believe that as estrogen levels decrease during menopause for example, important blood flow to the connective tissue which lies under the skin also begin to decline. Lower circulation also results in less oxygen which directly affects the production of collagen. Fat cells also begin to grow larger as estrogen levels fall which makes fatty deposits become more noticeable. As these fatty deposits under the skin surface begin to bulge through the connective tissue, the classic dimpling effect becomes more pronounced. Other factors that cause the skin to become thin, saggy and less elastic include age, metabolic rate, distribution of fat under the surface of the skin, and circulatory levels.

How to Prevent Cellulite

Contrary to what many people believe, cellulite is not caused by toxins although diet combined with exercise can help reduce your risk of developing cellulite. Individuals who eat a diet high in carbohydrates, fat, and sodium are much more likely to have larger amounts of cellulite than those who live a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who smoke, do not exercise or sit and stand for long periods of time are also more likely to develop cellulite. Cellulite is also much more likely to occur in individuals who are 25 years old or older; however cellulite can also affect younger adults and teenagers. To help prevent cellulite, live a healthy lifestyle including eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Mesotherapy Mesolift Treatments in Waco, Texas

Mesolift can diminish the effects of cellulite while lifting and tightening areas of the body with a series of injections into the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. Homeopathic injections stimulate the body’s natural healing properties to shrink fat cells resulting in the tight toned appearance that you have always dreamed of.
To learn more about Mesotherapy Mesolift and to schedule your procedure, contact the knowledgeable experts at The Skin & Body Refinery today.

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