Do your nails have little or big white spots on them? If so, this is a condition called Leukonychia. Leukonychia is a disease that is related to fingernails where the color of your nail is partly or completely white. It is essentially a hereditary problem or due to a systematic disorder. However many wonder why it seems to come and go as their nail grows and they even ask what causes Leukonychia and is there any treatment. The Skin & Body Refinery has some answers. We will explain what causes Leukonychia and what treatment are available.

What Causes Leukonychia

The most common cause of Leukonychia nail disorder is trauma at the nail’s base where the new nail is beginning to develop. This is known as the matrix region. However there are other health related problems that can cause Leukonychia on your fingernails such as:
• Arsenic Poisoning
• Pneumonia
• Heart Disease
• Renal Failure
• Poor Health
• Hypoalbuminemia
• Vitamin Deficiency
• Ulcerative Colitis
• Hepatic Cirrhosis
• Psychogenic Stress
• Onychophagia
• Occupational Trauma
• Lack of Zinc or Protein
• Psoriasis as well as Eczema

Leukonychia Infection

Most of these conditions related to Leukonychia are rare, but they do happen and have been linked. However, in most cases it is usually due to trauma or a vitamin deficiency. There have been reports of incidents where Leukonychia constantly re-appears due to a childhood injury to the nail. Leukonychia can also be due to an infection or yeast that can easily be picked up in any public setting such as the gym. However if Leukonychia is caused from an infection, it should be medically cared for as the infection can infect the nail from underneath causing more serious issues than just a few white spots.

Leukonychia Treatment

There are no exacted treatments for Leukonychia. In most cases improvement of diet and taking vitamins to give your nail the nutrition it needs to strengthen and grow helps overcome the problem. Zinc and protein greatly improve Leukonychia disease. By taking zinc supplements and adding more protein to your diet, this will greatly reduce the appearance of Leukonychia.

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However that doesn’t stop the trauma. For those who got Leukonychia due to trauma they will often hide the white spots with fingernail polish while they wait for the white spots to grow out. It is also recommended that your refrain from biting or hitting your nails on anything to prevent the white spots from developing. If the condition with better diet and care for your nails persists you may want to consider having a doctor examine them and do a few tests to make sure you’re not suffering from an unknown illness or disease. The Skin & Body Refinery hopes we were able to answer those questions. Come in and visit us today.

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