Waxing is one of the most common beauty treatments that women and men do, and it is one of the most painful. There is no doubt that waxing hurts. There are many areas of the body people wax and some are the most sensitive. When waxing there are a few tricks to help make the experience far less painful than others. The Skin and Body Refinery will share some of the proper methods of waxing which can reduce the pain associated with waxing.

How to Wax Legs Without Pain

Waxing your leg gives your legs a flawless smooth feel as well as silky looking skin. Many women love waxing their legs, so they don’t have to shave every day. The waxing lasts longer and feels smoother. However, waxing your legs can hurt. One of the rules of waxing legs is to always start at the ankles and work your way up. Additionally never cover too big of an area. It hurts worse when the wax cools down. Cold wax also fails when it comes to removing hair at the roots. Never over spread the wax on your legs or you’ll be in a world full of hurt.

Bikini & Brazilian Wax Pain Level

Want to talk about a sensitive area of the body to wax? Bikini (or also known as Brazilian) waxing is a troublesome experience and is the area known to cause the most pain. It is recommended that you apply numbing cream about 30 minutes before waxing. Additionally, you might want to consider taking an over the counter pain reliever like Advil. Advil helps with the pain and can also reduce swelling. Make sure when waxing the bikini area that the wax isn’t too hot, or it can damage the skin. Keep in mind that when you remove the wax you can remove skin with it.

Facial & Body Waxing Pain Reducing Tricks

If you are waxing the face or eye brows, you can apply ice to the skin for 5 to 10 minutes beforehand. This can act as a numbing agent and make the experience far less painful. Some aestheticians like to use Rose water toner that helps soothe the skin and reduces the pain. If you’re waxing large areas of the body such as your legs, don’t shave in between waxing. Hair doesn’t all grow at the same time so in the beginning you will have new hair growth shortly after waxing. This is normal. By the third or four waxing, the hair will be growing together. However, shaving in between can irritate the skin and make the waxing more painful the next time.

Post Waxing Rules

After waxing there are a few unwritten rules that can help make the skin feel better. First, wear loose clothing to prevent the skin from getting irritated for at least 24 hours. Avoid going out into the sun and no swimming in pools or steam rooms for 24 to 48 hours after waxing, otherwise you can cause an infection or bacteria exposure. Up to twenty-four hours after waxing, the pores are open which can cause a number of issues.

Body & Facial Waxing, Sugaring & More in Waco, Texas

You can talk with your aesthetician for more tips to help make waxing less painful of an experience. For professional body or sectional waxing, contact The Skin and Body Refinery and make an appointment for your waxing services today!

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