The good news is that there is a whole world of treatment options out there if you are on a quest to look as young as you feel. Unfortunately, it may feel like there are almost too many options, which makes it difficult to know which one is the best fit for you. Finding the right options for you can come from consulting an expert, such as with Skin and Body Refinery. One of the most revolutionary anti-aging treatments is the Plasma IQ Pen. With this in mind, we would like to discuss Plasma IQ Pen to help you better understand this treatment.

How Does the Plasma IQ Pen Work?

A cutting-edge treatment that uses microbeams of plasma energy to tighten your skin is the Plasma IQ Pen. In the United States, the Plasma IQ Pen is one of only two that is FDA cleared. In addition to creating a reaction that immediately tightens your skin, the plasma stimulates your body’s natural healing process as well. Your body produces more skin-firming collagen to give your skin a firmer, smoother texture for the long term as part of that healing process.

General Effects of Plasma IQ Pen

Being incredibly versatile the Plasma IQ Pen reduces wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines throughout just about any area of your face. For one particularly challenging job though, the Plasma IQ Pen is exceptional at revitalizing the area around your eyes. Many facial rejuvenation treatments can’t be used here since around the eye is particularly sensitive. Without the need for surgery, the Plasma IQ Pen can effectively and safely tackle issues like crow’s feet and hooded eyelids.

Science Behind Plasma IQ Pen

The Plasma IQ Pen is truly special due to a few aspects. It uses targeted plasma microbeams directed into your skin that is a highly advanced and rare technology for starters. Much like laser treatments and microneedling treatments do but in a different way, it stimulates your healing process do but in a different way. Plasma IQ Pen is especially appealing for people who don’t love the idea of needles. Also, for people with busy schedules, like the majority of us, the Plasma IQ Pen is a fantastic treatment. You can get back to living your best life more quickly as the procedure itself only takes around 30 minutes, and it has minimal healing time after the treatment.

Are Plasma Pens Effective?

Because of how quickly it produces results, the Plasma IQ Pen is unique. You can immediately see some lift to your skin since the plasma causes an immediate skin retraction and tightening. Plasma IQ Pen produces long-term results too because it also triggers collagen production. Essentially, with one unique treatment, you are getting the best of both worlds.

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If the Plasma IQ Pen sounds like a good treatment for you, or you want to consider alternative treatment options, the professionals of Skin & Body Refinery can schedule a consultation appointment and discuss your goals and procedures.

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