There may come a time in a women’s life where they begin to develop unnatural and unwanted facial hair. This can become embarrassing and difficult for many women to overcome. There are a number of reasons why a woman may begin to develop facial hair. Today, The Skin and Body Refinery would like to share some of these causes. Additionally we would also like to help you learn how to overcome or deal with the problem should it occur and as it occurs.

Causes of Facial Hair in Females

Unbalanced Hormones – As a young teen begins puberty, they may experience unnatural facial hair. This is typically due to an imbalance of hormones. The same can be said for pregnant women. Sometimes testosterone levels will increase during pregnancy. In most cases this imbalance will correct itself after childbirth and the body resumes its pre-pregnancy state. During this shorter phase, one of the easiest remedies is to remove the hair through shaving or waxing. If the hormones remain out of balance, you should seek medical advice.
Medications – Some medications can also trigger unnatural facial hair in women. Again, it usually pertains to an imbalance of hormones. Some medication contains or interacts with testosterone, progestin, bimatoprost, and cyclosporine, which all cause unnatural facial hair as well as body hair development.
PCOS – Women diagnosed with PCOS often suffer from unnatural hair growth that can develop all over the body and face. This is becoming a common problem where hormonal therapy is often needed to help correct the imbalance. PCOS is when cysts develop in the ovaries. These cysts can also cause irregular periods, weight gain and unnatural hair growth.
Hormonal Disorders – There are a number of Hormonal disorders that can also contribute to unnatural hair growth on the face. Below are some of the common hormonal disorders that can trigger facial hair.
• Adrenal Hyperplasis which is when there is an enlarged adrenal gland which causes an abnormal production of male hormones.
• Pituitary Adenomas which is a non-cancerous tumor that produces or secretes prolactin.
• Cushing Syndrome which is caused by tumorsin in the pituitary or adrenal gland.
Genetic or Idiopathic – There are some women who are more genetically prone to developing facial hair than others. Sometimes a little extra hair runs in the family. Often facial hair may only occur during a woman’s period. This is due to a genetic flaw that causes the woman to create more hormones which in turn cause imbalances.
Treating Unnatural Facial Hair – For those women who have unnatural facial hair, it is typically a sign of a medical problem in your system. Finding the problem may help determine possible treatment options. Most treatment may involve medication, diet, exercise, waxing, shaving, or laser hair removal. For those who are seeking help The Skin and Body Refinery can help.

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