Many people were first introduced to cupping during the 2016 Olympics when Michael Phelps had marks from cupping therapy on his body and the announcers talked about what it was. Three years later many celebrities and others are still doing cupping massage therapy. But what exactly is cupping massage therapy?

Meaning of Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping massage therapy is a form of ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern alternative medicine. One of the older medical textbooks in the world talks about how Egyptians used cupping therapy as far back as 1550 B.C. It is believed that many health problems are caused by blood sitting stagnant in your body. This results in poor energy flow in your body. Cupping massage therapy increases your blood flow. Today cupping massage therapy is performed all over the world.

Wet VS Dry Cupping Massages

You can do cupping massage therapy with a dry or wet method. The benefits are the same no matter what method you prefer. The therapist will put a flammable substance in a cup and set it on fire. As the fire goes out, the therapist puts the cup upside down on your skin. The cups can be made of glass, bamboo, earthenware, or silicone. Once the cup is on your body the air cools and creates a vacuum that suctions the cup to your skin. During the process your skin will rise and redden as your blood vessels expand. The cups are left in place for two or three minutes before being removed. If you do wet cupping the suction is milder. After the two or three minutes have passed the therapist removes the cup and then uses a small scalpel to make tiny cuts on your skin. Then a second suction is done to draw out a small amount of blood. The most common method in the United States is the dry cupping method which is what The Skin & Body Refinery offers.

Does Cupping Therapy Work? What are the Benefits?

Cupping is frequently used to treat chronic pain. It has been especially helpful for those who suffer from back pain and headaches. It also helps reduce chronic stress. When you are stressed out you will tense the muscles in your body. Cupping can help reduce the muscle tension caused by stress. Many times people that are trying to reduce their stress levels will pair cupping massage therapy with acupuncture. Cupping massage therapy can also relieve fatigue, rheumatism, anxiety, and cellulite.

What to Expect After a Cupping Massage Session

If you are considering trying cupping massage therapy for the first time you will not have many cups placed on your back. Each time that you go in for therapy the amount of cups can typically be increased. Once the cups are removed the therapist may cover the area that they cupped with ointment to help prevent any possible infection. Many people do have a circular cupping mark on their skin for a few hours or longer after their session. Some people become lightheaded or dizzy shortly after their session. It is recommend that you drink lots of water and eat avoid heavy foods for a few hours after your cupping massage therapy.

Cupping Massages in Waco, Texas

Here at The Skin and Body Refinery we offer 30, 60, and 90 minutes cupping massage therapy sessions. If you would like to schedule an appointment give us a call today at 254-235-0605.

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