For those who want to get rid of unwanted hair on their body, they often look for the most effective and painless method possible. This can be accomplished by using the Soprano Ice Laser Hair removal method by Alma (SRH). For those who want to get rid of unwanted body hair, The Skin and Body Refinery will share how this process can be done when using SHR technology.

How Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal Works

SHR works by slowly heating up the dermis, reaching a temperature that damages the hair follicles. This prevents future growth. This is done without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. When the continuous flow of a short pulse is directed into the dermis, a sweeping motion tech tool is used to help target the dermis. Ice tech cools the skin which prevents the skin from burning due to the heat of the laser. Heating the hair follicle while cooling the skin makes Soprano Hair Removal one of the most efficient and painless methods to permanently remove body hair.

Comfort of SHR Laser Machines

Due to the unique method of delivering energy to the hair follicle, the resulting damage prevents new growth. As stated, it is the cooling tool that helps prevent burning of the surrounding tissue. Most laser hair removal methods can leave the skin mildly burned and it feels like a mild sun burn. The ICE tech tool prevents the burning from ever damaging the tissue which prevents burning. SHR provides results with comfort which is why it is the leading method of hair removal.

SHR Safety Record

SHR has been tested and studied in multiple clinics and has also been tested on all skin types. A small few reported some skin sensitivity while others reported no affects at all. Most report that the procedure is painless. Some hair removal methods require the patient to remain inside and avoid contact with UV rays. Often those who like to tan or spend their summer in the sun wait until fall or winter to have hair removal done. However, with SHR you can have the procedure done any time during the year. Since it doesn’t affect the skin, it doesn’t require healing time which means you can stay out in the sun and work on your tan.

Full Body Hair Removal

SHR can be done in large grid treating larger areas of the body. All the hair within the grid is heated and cooled providing full body coverage. For those who don’t want legs, back or facial hair ever again, the hair can be removed in large grids at a time, versus small regions.

Alma Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal Technology in Waco, Texas

For those who want to remove unwanted body hair, consider using Soprano Ice hair removal. It is an effective, painless and easy way to remove body hair. The Skin and Body Refinery supports the award winning hair removal method and provides Soprano Ice laser hair removal services. For women who suffer from facial hair or simply want to never shave or wax your hair again, come in and get the Soprano Ice treatment. Schedule an appointment with The Skin and Body Refinery today, and ask about Soprano Ice’s painless hair removal today!

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