The season is upon us for everything prom! Prom is a huge part of high school and a must for Juniors and Seniors. The prom is a great way to not only have a fun date but also to finish off the school year in the sense that it’s the last dance before the end of the year and is a fun way to spend time with your friends and classmates. The prom is a formal dance and most girls and guys spend time looking for the right dress and deciding on hair and makeup for this special night. When the day comes you want to feel fully prepared and allow yourself enough time to be ready, and look and feel your best.

The Skin And Body Refinery List Some Great Tricks & Tips You Can Use When Getting Ready For The Prom

Are You Having Your Makeup Done Professionally: If you want to come to The Skin & Body Refinery to have your makeup done professionally for the prom, you need to know a few things. Firstly, it is a REALLY great idea to have a trial run so that you are happy with the look before the night of the prom! You also want to keep good care of your skin for the weeks leading up to prom with a routine to cleanse your skin. Treat for any breakouts and acne as soon as they are a problem. We offer lots of deep cleansing facials too. When you come to our spa for your prom makeup, we make sure that your face is cleaned and ready for application. A clean face allows the makeup to stay put. You can also take some oil remover wipes with you to dab away any oil through the night.
Are You Getting Your Hair Done?: Many girls choose to have their hair done professionally for the prom to get a more elegant look and something different from their daily hairdo. Whether you are having an updo, half up or curled; you want to follow some basic guidelines. If you make some of these common mistakes you might end up with flat and lifeless hair. One thing you want to be sure to do is to let your hair air dry the day before you are having your hair done. It is not a great idea to have extremely clean hair when getting it styled professionally. You also want to stay away from styling your hair before having it done. No flat ironing, curling or adding product on the day of the hair appointment or it will make the hairdressers job harder. Lastly be sure to wear a shirt that buttons down so that you can remove it easily without having to pull it over your freshly styled hair and makeup.
Eyebrow & Facial Waxing Hair Removal Tips: Are you one of the many ladies that require some waxing to do away with unwanted facial hair? Many girls choose to have their eyebrows and their upper lip waxed. You want to be sure you time your waxing appointment so that you have it done about two days before the prom. This is so that your skin has time to recover from any redness or swelling that can occur. If you completely space your eyebrow waxing, you can still do it the day of the prom as long as you chew a few tums to help with calming down the redness and irritation.

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The Skin And Body Refinery offers a myriad of beauty and relaxation services. In addition to facials, professional makeup application and waxing, we also offer tanning to give you a healthy glow. And if the thought of prom is stressing you out, a relaxing massage is sure to do the trick! Contact us to schedule your next appointment today.

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