For those who are losing their hair due to genetics, stress or other medical conditions, there is hope when it comes to saving your full head of hair. PRP Hair Loss Restoration Therapy is an effective and safe way to help you reclaim your hair. The Skin and Body Refinery will explain what PRP therapy is, how it works, and how the procedure is done on those who may peruse PRP Hair Loss Restoration therapy.

PRP Hair Loss Restoration Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Restoration therapy is a proactive therapeutic option for both males and females that are experiencing hair loss. PRP therapy is a non-surgical option for those who want to restore and prevent future hair loss. PRP Hair Loss Restoration therapy uses stimulation or is a natural autologous medical procedure that is performed to stimulate the scalp, skin and hair facials.

How Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

Our blood holds mesenchymal stem cells which have been used for decades to help repair damaged skin tissue and other various types of medical treatment which has been well documented and is reported with great success. PRP therapy also uses mesenchymal stem cells to help restore your hair follicles. With both situations and with the aid of the mesenchymal stem cell PRP therapies, we are having great success. It should be noted PRP therapy is still in the early stages of development and is not considered a full replacement of other FDA approved hair restoration therapies, such as Minoxidil and DHT Blockers. However, with the PRP successes, it is becoming a promising alternative for a non-surgical hair loss therapy option.

PRP Injection for Hair Loss

For those who have begun their journey, the first step in PRP therapy is to first have their blood drawn and typically right in the office. The blood will be tested and than spun in a centrifuge. At this time, the PRP is separated from the blood. Through the end of the separation process the PRP will be super concentrated and will be used in a plasma form. The plasma is then injected into the scalp, typically in the areas of the hair loss. The injections are pain free so there is no need for sedation or medication to be given to the patient. After the injections are finished, the plasma may be worked around into the scalp. This will begin the simulation process of the hair follicles. Typically, the PRP therapy procedure occurs once every 3 to 4 months to maintain stimulation and proper hair growth.

PRP Hair Loss Restoration Therapy Treatments in Waco, Texas

Just about anyone can be a candidate for PRP Hair Loss Restoration therapy. For those who struggle with hair loss, they may want to consider PRP Hair Loss Restoration therapy to reclaim their lost hair. If you are ready to fight against hair loss, come down and get a consultation here at The Skin and Body Refinery. The Skin and Body Refinery provides PRP hair loss therapy and is ready to help you combat hair loss. Come on down to The Skin and Body Refinery, and reclaim your hair today.

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