Hair loss is not something that only concerns the elderly. More and more people are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. In this digital age where everything is cataloged by a picture that is posted for the world to see, most people want to look their best. Hair loss is also not just an ailment that men suffer with but woman as well. For women it can be especially hard as society judges them more harshly. Your hair is a feature that helps with confidence and self-esteem. The reasons that people start to lose their hair are more than just old age.

The Skin And Body Refinery Lists the Most Common Reasons of Premature Hair Thinning & Loss

Hair Loss During Pregnancy: One common occurrence of hair thinning or loss is after a woman has delivered her baby. The thing about pregnancy is that it is a very stressful and traumatic experience. This stress that is then coupled with the elevated and sporadic hormones is enough to cause a pregnant woman’s hair to thin out. The hair loss is most commonly found after the delivery and not during the pregnancy.
Vitamin A Hair Loss: It may interest you to know that hair lose has also been linked to too much Vitamin A! You might be under the impression that vitamins are good at just about any level. The problem is that anything is not good for you when taken to the extreme. If you are taking a level of vitamin A that is over the recommended dosage you might experience hair loss.
Hair Loss Protein Deficiency: Another problem that has been linked to hair loss is when someone has eliminated protein from their diet. You might be eating some protein but if you are not getting enough your hair can start thinning. The reason is that if you are not getting the protein that your body needs it will stop the growth of hair to allow the limited amount of protein to be utilized elsewhere in the body.
Hair Loss Due to Stress: There are times in your life that something hard comes your way. If you are going through a health care scare, divorce, death in the family or financial stress, you may find your hair thinning. You can look for ways to feel okay about your circumstances so that the stress level decreases.
Hereditary Hair Loss: There are also people that are just predispositioned to experience hair loss. It is simply in their genes and when it is you can count on thinning hair or even hair loss at some point in your life. This is something you cannot do much about except look for treatments.

PRP Hair Loss Restoration Treatments & More in Waco, Texas

Fortunately, PRP Hair Restoration is a great treatment option available that naturally stimulates hair follicles to promote new growth and helps reduce the chance of shrinking hair follicles. It is minimally invasive which means that you are able to continue with your daily schedule after the treatment has been rendered. The great part is the injections can be done in our medical spa at The Skin & Body Refinery and in as little as eight months you can see amazing results! Contact us to learn more today.

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