There are so many products for skin care and many of them can be misleading. The marketer’s job is to sell products and form myths as to what you can expect from using their products. The Skin and Body Refinery would like to bring to light some of these myths and which product ingredients actually work to improve your skin.

When to Start Anti Aging Creams

One of the common misconceptions or myths that many believe is that skin products are based on age. This is another misleading trick provided by marketers. Regardless of your age, all skin suffers from oily and clogged pores. Even those aged fifty years and older still have oily, plugged up pores. Dry and dull skin doesn’t just start in your 50’s either. Your skin will benefit from anti-aging creams at any age and will help enrich skin along with a good diet. You should also drink plenty of water to have healthy skin.

Hypoallergenic Skin Care

Another marketing trick is to use the term hypoallergenic on many skin care products. These so called hypoallergenic skin care products are designed for those extra sensitive skin types, and are better for those who are prone to allergic reactions. Unfortunately, most hypoallergenic products aren’t regulated or the ingredients used, even though some products are designed for sensitive skin, still may cause allergic reactions. Instead btrusting the marketer’s advertisements, look on the back of the skin care product for a list of ingredients. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, buy products that are for gentle skin and fragrance free.

Teenage & Adult Acne Treatments

For those skin cleansers that fight acne, some say they are designed for adults or teens. This is yet again another marketing mythology. Teens do suffer from hormone fluctuation that triggers more acne than adults. However, acne cleansers don’t help control these hormones. They are designed to clean the pores. Acne is the result of dirty clogged pores that become infected. So don’t base an acne product by age. They all are designed to clean and unclog pores. However, each person reacts to different products and it will be by trial and error to find the right acne cleanser for you.

Anyone Can Develop Age Spots

Age Spots are another term used by marketers, which is another buzz word to help sell products. Marketers hope that by using the term “age spot” it will help sell their products to elderly or aging women. However age spots have nothing to do with actual age. Age spots are the result of your skin being exposed to different environmental elements, mostly enzymes which show on the surface of the skin. If you see products that are for age spots, do not be fooled. Instead, read the product’s ingredients. If you suffer from age spots, look for skin care products that contain Hydroquinone, along with vitamin C, Niacinamide, and plant extracts such as arbutin as they are best for age spots.

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Many skin care products are based on myth to help sell products. Do your homework and learn what ingredients are good for your skin care needs. However, you can always consult with the professionals. The Skin and Body Refinery can help you find the right product for your skin’s health. Come down and see what The Skin and Body Refinery can do for you!

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