Aerolase Neo Elite provides some of the most advanced laser treatment available today. Many med spas have quickly adopted and provide Aerolase treatment service due to its high versatile applications. Aerolase can help a number of different skin conditions that improve and enhances beautiful skin. For those who are not yet aware of Aerolase treatments, Skin And Body Refinery would like to share what Aerolase is and what it can do for you.

What Type of Laser is the Aerolase?

Aerolase features an enhanced “1064 nanometer Nd: YAG laser” which is a safe and effective laser treatment option for many different skin types and tones. Aerolase allows for a customizable wavelength setting which allows Aerolase to be used for just about anyone and for many different skin conditions. Other laser treatments tend to be much more limited in their wavelength settings, limiting who and what can be treated. Aerolase can help just about anyone with little to no recovery time and ensures results.

How Does the Aerolase Laser Work?

Aerolase Neo Elite takes advantage of some of the most recent breakthroughs in technology. Aerolase features a 650-microsecond technology that ensures little to no discomfort. Aerolase technology uses a combination of high-powered light that is delivered in short pulses, which allows energy to pass through the skin without damaging any of the surrounding tissue, whereas most laser skin treatments can leave behind a sunburn like irritation, Aerolase will not have any to very little side effects after a procedure. Aerolase is a highly versatile and safer treatment option.

What Skin Conditions Does Aerolase Laser Treat?

Aerolase can treat all skin ethnicity types and skin tones. Aerolase not only can treat any person’s skin, but it also has a number of different treatment applications. Some of the most notable conditions Aerolase can treat are:
• Acne
• Angiomas
• Bruising
• Bed Sores and Wounds
• Dermal Lesions
• Hair Removal
• Hyperpigmentation and Birthmarks
• Nail Fungus
• Ingrown Hairs
• Moles, Warts and Skin Tags
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea and Redness
• Scars and Stretch Marks
• Skin Rejuvenates and Tightens
• Spider Veins
• Tattoo Removal
• Wrinkles

Combining Aerolase With Other Treatments

You can easily pair Aerolase with other treatments. Depending on your needs and desired result you can maximize your treatment with a combination of Aerolase and other skin treatments. Some recommended additions to Aerolase are:
• Microneedling – Which help to stimulate your natural collagen productions. Combining Aerolase with Microneedling is great for addressing again, pigmentation problems and improves the texture of your skin.
• Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy – Using healing platelets from your blood helps to support your skin rejuvenation from within your very own skin.
These are two suggested treatment to go with Aerolase. However, Aerolase can be combined with many different types of skin care treatment and is even used to help prolong the other treatment’s affects.

Aerolase Laser Treatments & More in Waco, TX (Just Minutes Away from Axtell, West, Lorena, Bellmead, Woodway, Hewitt, Robinson & Crawford, Texas)

Aerolase can help improve your skin, with less discomfort than other treatment options. There is little to no recovery time and the results speak for themselves. If you want to see if Aerolase is right for you, contact Skin And Body Refinery today.

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