Abnormally excessive sweating that’s not necessarily related to heat or exercise is Hyperhidrosis. The sweat may be so excessive that it drips off your hands or soaks through your clothes.
Beginning with prescription-strength antiperspirants is how treatment usually helps Hyperhidrosis. You may need to try different medications and therapies if antiperspirants don’t help. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary, however, our med spa offers Dysport treatment services that are very effective. Today, we at Skin and Body Refinery would like to discuss the basics of Hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis Symptoms

When they exercise or exert themselves, are in a hot environment, or are anxious or under stress, most people sweat. Your body’s mechanism to cool itself is sweating. When your body temperature rises, your nervous system automatically triggers your sweat glands. especially on your palms, sweating also normally occurs when you’re nervous. Normal sweating does not compare to the excessive sweating experienced with hyperhidrosis. During waking areas, the type of hyperhidrosis that usually affects the hands, feet, underarms or face causes at least one episode a week. Also, on both sides of the body, the sweating usually occurs. A sign of a serious condition is sometimes excessive sweating.

When Should I Go to the ER or Seek Medical Attention for Sweating?

Accompanied by lightheadedness, chest pain or nausea, along with heavy sweating indicates you should seek medical attention. Consult a doctor if any of these symptoms are also experienced:
– You begin to sweat more than usual suddenly
– For no apparent reason, you experience night sweats
– Your daily routine is disrupted from sweating
– Emotional distress or social withdrawal is caused by sweating

Primary Focal (Essential) & Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Primary hyperhidrosis is the most common form of hyperhidrosis. Even though they haven’t been triggered by physical activity or a rise in temperature, the nerves responsible for signaling your sweat glands become overactive with this type. The problem becomes even worse with stress or nervousness. Your palms, soles, and sometimes your face are affected with this type. Because it sometimes runs in families, it may have a hereditary component. When excess sweating is due to a medical condition, the secondary hyperhidrosis occurs. It’s the less common type. Also, sweating all over your body is likely. Conditions that may lead to heavy sweating include:
– Thyroid problems
– Some types of cancer
– Nervous system disorders
– Menopause hot flashes
– Low blood sugar
– Infections
– Heart attack
– Diabetes
– Some medications can cause heavy sweating, as can opioid withdrawal.

Hyperhidrosis Complications

Hyperhidrosis complications can include the following:
1) Infections. Skin infections are likely to people who sweat profusely.
2) Social and emotional effects. It can be embarrassing by having clammy or dripping hands and perspiration-soaked clothes. Your pursuit of work and educational goals can be affected by the condition.

Dysport Injections & More in Waco, TX (Just Minutes Away from Axtell, West, Lorena, Bellmead, Woodway, Hewitt, Robinson & Crawford, Texas)

You may be a candidate for Dysport to treat your hyperhidrosis if sweating fails to improve with antiperspirants. Dysport blocks the overactive nerves and chemicals that are responsible for activating the sweat glands injected just below the surface of the skin. Where Dysport is injected, it should be noted that this treatment only disables nerves and prevents sweating, and is more effective with the more units injected. It has been approved by the FDA to treat this condition and Dysport is a highly effective treatment for hyperhidrosis. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

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