Acne or acne vulgaris is a skin condition which affects millions of Americans each year. Acne is caused by a buildup of oil and dead skin cells which can clog pores causing inflammation and increased sebum (oil) production. When bacteria enter the pores, the result can cause redness, swelling and pus. Acne is often referred to as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, blemishes or zits. If you experience a few pimples or spots it is considered a mild form of acne. A severe case of acne could mean as many as hundreds of pimples which cover the face, chest, neck, back, and upper arms. In extreme cases acne can manifest as painful, red lumps which are extremely painful (cysts). Acne is often broken down into either grades 1-2 Acne Simplex or Grades 3-4 Acne vulgaris.

Acne Formation; How Do Pimples Form?

Acne begins its journey when an excess of keratinocyte cells attach to the follicle wall. When sebum production begins, the result is a plug which blogs the pore to create a comedone (clogged hair follicle). As the production of sebum increases, bacteria on the surface of the skin will begin to multiply resulting in inflammation. This type of acne is referred to as asphyxiated acne and is the most common form of acne. Your immune system will begin to respond with white blood cells which cause the hair follicle wall to rupture and form pustules.

What Type of Acne Do I Have?

Besides asphyxiated Acne, other forms of acne include:
Acne Cosmetica which is caused by products including makeup, hair products and laundry detergent. Symptoms include small bumps which appear as a rash on the forehead, chin and cheek areas.
Acne Mechanica is caused by heat and friction against the skin or prolonged exposure to certain objects such as a baseball cap or bandana, backpack or any other object which can cause heat to be trapped against the skin.
Hormonal Acne is caused by an increase in certain hormones, particularly androgen hormones which can stimulate sebaceous glands resulting in increased oil production. Symptoms include inflamed cystic type nodules which are most often found around the jawline. A diet high in sugar is a known trigger in hormone related acne. Other influences include stress, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.
Cyclical Acne is caused when hormones fluctuate throughout a women’s menstrual cycle. A hormonal imbalance will occur when estrogen levels drop and progesterone levels increase which in turn causes testosterone to become dominant resulting in an increase of sebum (oil).

VI Peels, Skin Care Products, Acne Scar Treatment & More in Waco, Texas

Acne is a condition that affects each person differently and one that can cause lasting emotional and physical damage which can result in permanent scarring of the skin. According to medical professionals, many over the counter acne lotions, and skin products can make the condition worse resulting in redness, skin irritation and itchiness. If you suffer from acne scaring, the skilled aestheticians at The Skin & Body Refinery provide a number of treatment options including VI Peels (Vitality Institute Peels), a medical grade chemical peel which combines Retin-A, Vitamin C, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, and TCA to smooth skin for a flawless finish. We also offer gentle yet effective acne skin care products and more. To learn more about VI peels and other Chemical Peel Skin Rejuvenation Treatments, contact the knowledgeable experts at The Skin & Body Refinery today.

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