More and more people are finding that they don’t necessarily have to have plastic surgery to get the body that they want. Now there are other ways to achieve your goals that don’t involve that same kind of risk to your health. Better yet, you don’t even have to rely solely on exercise any longer to get the results you’re after. Today, Skin and Body Refinery is here to talk about two different types of body contouring, Emsculpt and Coolsculpting, and how they are different from each other.

How Emsculpt Compares to Coolsculpting

These two methods of body contouring can be highly effective and minimally invasive. They can help clients get the body shape that they have been working hard to get with no results. However, both of these methods are extremely different from one another. We are going to compare to two so that you understand the difference.
– Emsculpt: This type of treatment is done with the use of an FDA approved device that uses HIEFM technology to (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) to cause muscle contractions. In one treatment, the area that is being focused on will see muscle contractions of 20,000 just in one treatment. During this time, not only is the fat loss happening but your muscles are being strengthened as well.
– Coolsculpting: This is also an FDA approved treatment to help get rid of excess fat in the body. This is done by using two cooling panels. The two panels are places on both sides of a section of fat. As the fat cells reach a freezing temperature they die, and the body excretes them naturally.

Benefits of Choosing Emsculpt

There are many benefits of choosing Emsculpt over Coolsculpting.
– Boosted Metabolism: Patients that undergo Emsculpt treatment will see a boosted metabolism of 5 times what it normally is.
– Strengthened Muscles: Not only will the fat be melted off your body with Emsculpt treatments, but the muscles are going to be strengthened in the process as well. This leaves you with a longer, leaner body that is stronger as well.
– Aids in Recovery: If you have had an injury that you’re trying to recover from, Emsculpt can help you get there. It needs to be paired with physical therapy to get the best results. This can also be a great way to kick off your exercise routine after coming off of an injury.
– Quick Treatment Times: While Coolsculpting takes an hour to complete, Emsculpt treatments are only 30 minutes long and will give you even better results.

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If you are looking for results that will leave you happy with the way your body looks and feels, turn to Skin and Body Refinery to help you get there with EMSculpt Neo treatments. We will ensure you’re happy with the results you get when you’re done. Not only will you love how your body looks, but you will feel better as well. Call us today!

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