If you are like most people, you don’t spend nearly as much time outside during the winter as you do in the summer. It is normal to want to cuddle up inside when the weather isn’t ideal outside. Because more people don’t spend as much time outside in the winter, they make get relaxed in their sunscreen use. This can be a big mistake for a number of different reasons. Skin and Body Refinery is here to talk about some of the reasons you may want to be vigilant in your sunscreen wearing even when it isn’t summertime.

Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen in the Winter?

When your skin is damaged from the sun, it can cause several different issues. You will start to look older younger, you have a higher risk of skin cancer, and you will notice fine lines and wrinkles form much sooner. These and many other reasons are why sunscreen should be a priority in the winter time. Here are some of the reasons you don’t want to be relaxed with your sunscreen this winter:
– UV Rays & Winter Clouds: While it may seem cloudy and gloomy, harmful UV rays can still penetrate those clouds and cause damage to your skin. Before you shrug off the gloomy weather and forget about the sunscreen, think twice.
– Indoor UV Rays: Most people don’t spend nearly as much time outside during the winter like they do during the summer. Even when you’re inside more often, you should have sunscreen be a regular part of your daily skincare routine. Your skin comes in contact with the sun through the windows in your home or office, and you will still be driving where sun can get to your skin as well.
– Winter Sports: There are plenty of winter sports that people enjoy that get them through the gloomy, cold season. Many people will plan winter vacations around a chance to hit the slopes for some adventure. It is vital that you put sunscreen on anytime you are spending time outside for winter sports. The sun reflects off the snow which means that the UV rays are hitting your skin double the normal amount.
– Winter Conditions: The dry winter conditions have the ability to remove sunscreen from your skin faster than the warm, humid weather that summer brings. This means that you need to put on sunscreen more often in the winter than you would during the summer.
– Skin Cancer: Not only can your skin get damaged by the UV rays, but skin cancer doesn’t care if it is winter or summer. Regardless of the time of year, you should have sunscreen application as part of your daily routine.

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