If you have always wanted to have hairless skin for the spring and summer, it is in your best interest to begin and continue the hair removal process during the winter months! While you can expect body sugaring and waxing results to last from three to six weeks, after each hair removal session, hair grows back lighter and finer. Even if hair removal might not be at the forefront of your mind right now, there are a few reasons why it should be. With spring and summer right around the corner, it will soon be time to flaunt your cute new flip skirts, short shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. Hair-free, smooth and a glowing complexion without the trouble of shaving or tweezing is a benefit in of itself!

Reasons for Winter Waxing & Body Sugaring

Today, we at The Skin and Body Refinery would like to share the top reasons why you should start your waxing or body sugaring hair removal treatments in the winter time.
1) Body hairs grow at different rates. By sticking to a regular waxing or body sugaring routine, you are conditioning your body hairs to grow at the same time; thereby maximizing the time needed between waxing treatments. Plus over time, and after each waxing or body sugaring session, hair will grow back lighter and finer. Start your hair removal now and make the process easier during spring and summer!
2) Skip razor burn this winter. Although we are bundled up in long pants, sweaters and scarves etc during the cold winter months, routine hair removal maintenance is crucial. If you haven’t been keeping up with your waxing or body sugaring during winter and shaving instead, you could actually undo the progress you had made. Shaving can lead to razor burn and thick hair growth while waxing actually weakens hair follicles. Keep the smooth going all year long and you will be glad you did when you unexpectedly need to show some skin!
3) Facial hair removal is needed all year long. Even though your body is covered up, your face is exposed everyday; wherever you go. Family holiday photos may be behind us but photos will still be taken – and shared on every imaginable social media platform. As if people seeing your facial hair in person isn’t enough, if you don’t keep up with hair removal, friends and family will see it for generations. Waxing and body sugaring removes those errant chin hairs and tidies up those eyebrows in one quick appointment. Plus, reshaping your eyebrows is a great mini-makeover. Facial hair removal doesn’t stop at chin, upper lip and brows either. Hair grows on your temples, ears and cheeks too. The Skin & Body Refinery uses the highest quality European wax to make the process quick and easy; and the results as smooth as possible.
4) Waxing gives smooth skin. To motivate yourself to maintain your routine waxing or body sugaring schedule, remind yourself of how smooth it leaves your skin. Waxing and body sugaring doesn’t just remove your hair. The exfoliation during waxing removes dead skin cells. This leaves your skin feeling healthy and refreshed. The cold winter weather is harder on your skin than warmer weather. Paired with the perfect moisturizer, your skin will be looking and feeling soft and hydrated; even in the harshest and driest winter months.

Waxing & Body Sugaring in Waco, Texas

Don’t let stubble be your reminder; book regular appointments with The Skin & Body Refinery! If you are ready for winter waxing or body sugaring, contact the experts at The Skin & Body Refinery to enjoy the benefits of smooth hairless skin now … and get your body ready for skin-baring spring and summer!

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