If you have skin tags on your body, it can leave you feeling self-conscious. These benign tumors that are incredibly common don’t pose a health risk, but many people want them removed for aesthetic reasons or because they are causing irritation in one way or another. Those that struggle with skin tags are often left wondering what causes these irritating little tumors? Skin & Body Refinery is here to talk about skin tags and what can be done to remove them from your body.

Neck & Other Common Areas Where Skin Tags Grow

As mentioned above, when you have a skin tag, you don’t have to worry about it being cancerous. These small tumors consist of a core of fibers and ducts, nerve cells, fat cells and a covering of skin. Some of the most common areas of the body where skin tags can appear include:
– Armpits
– Eyelids
– Groin
– Upper chest
– Breast area
– Neck

Skin Tag Removal Options

Skin tags are often in areas that many people don’t see. However, those that suffer from skin tags often want them removed because they are rubbing on other skin or clothing which causes irritation. There are many forms of treatment for skin tags and all of them have proven to be successful. Some of your options if you suffer from skin tags include these surgery methods:
– Cauterization: In this case, the skin tag is simply burned off the skin using electrolysis.
– Cryosurgery: The skin tag will be frozen off using a probe that contains liquid nitrogen.
– Ligation: The blood supply to the skin tag is cut off so it can no longer survive.
– Excision: Using a scalpel, the skin tag is simply removed from the surface of your skin.

Compound W & Over the Counter Skin Tag Treatments

If you have ever removed your own wart using over the counter treatments, they are very similar to the treatments used to remove skin tags. Before you use these over the counter methods, it is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional to ensure that is the best course of action.

Skin Tag Causes

While it is fairly unclear what causes people to develop tags, there are several risk factors that can make it more likely that you will experience them at one point or another. Following are some of the risk factors that many people who have skin tags find.
– Those that are overweight
– People with diabetes
– Women during pregnancy
– Those with family members that have skin tags
– Patients that have some types of human papilloma virus (HPV)
– Those with a sex-steroid imbalance, especially if there are changes with estrogen or progesterone.

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If you have skin tags that are making you self-conscious or causing irritation, you can count on the professionals at Skin & Body Refinery to take care of them for you. Call us today!

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