Broken capillaries are also known as spider veins. This is when veins appear near the surface of the skin. Broken capillaries may appear as a cluster of veins or as red blemishes on the surface of the skin. When broken capillaries appear, it can be due to a number of reasons. Essentially, spider veins are the result of blood vessels that have burst. The Skin And Body Refinery will share the causes for the vessels to burst which result in broken capillaries and what treatments are available.

What Causes Broken Capillaries?

Genetics – One of the common causes for spider veins is genetics. Family members with a history of varicose veins will likely develop broken capillaries at some point in their lifetime. Combined with other factors and genetics, spider veins can easily develop.
Pregnancy – Women may notice the appearance of broken capillaries during pregnancy. Women produce more estrogen and progesterone when they are pregnant which causes more blood to run through their body. Because there is more blood running through their body, the blood vessels become enlarged which can develop broken capillaries.
Hormones – Women going through menopause as well as children going through puberty, undergo a lot of hormonal changes in their body. As the body attempts to adjust to the hormonal changes, blood runs through the body much like it does in pregnant women. The vessels can break which result in spider veins.
Liver Damage – For those who have a damaged or failing liver, their estrogen and progesterone development is impaired. As a result, hormone levels may rise, which causes dilation in the capillaries. This creates the appearance of spider veins.
Leg Injuries – A person’s whose blood flow decreases or elevates due to a leg injury may find problems with their blood vessels. If they find they must sit or lay down for a long period of time, the vessels may eventually break, resulting in broken capillaries.
Sun or Wind Damage – The sun and wind can damage the outer skin, causing the skin to become thinner. As the sun damaged skin thins, veins become more noticeable. The skin often ca not repair itself which results in spider veins. Age also plays a major role, weakening the vessels where they will eventually break.

Treatment for Broken Capillaries

Laser Therapy – There are many treatments available for correcting broken capillaries or spider veins. Some of the most common treatments are laser treatments. An intense beam of light targets the broken vessels and gets rid of them. The vessels are broken down and dissolved. Laser therapy can leave behind a slight bruising but within a few weeks, the bruising fades away.
IPL – Another treatment for broken capillaries is with IPL (Intense Pulse Light) which is used for facial and leg spider veins. IPL often require two to three treatments to get rid of the vein. Similar to laser therapy, the vessels shrink and fade away.
Chemical Peel – Chemical peels don’t affect the vessel directly but instead helps to stimulate the skin. Some spider veins occur due to sun damaged skin which has become thinner. After a chemical peel, the skin is able to regenerate healthier and thicker skin, removing the appearance of the broken vessels.

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