For immediately plumping up aging skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and restoring youthful facial contours, dermal fillers are an excellent solution. Depending on the formula used and the particular chemistry of the individual, the results can last anywhere from three months to two years, however, in order to maintain the results, follow-up is required. Most likely you know this already if you’ve done much research at all into dermal fillers. In order for the results to keep improving long after the formula has been absorbed by your body, many dermal fillers actually stimulate your body’s own natural collagen growth. We at Skin & Body Refinery would like to share the basics of collagen and the fillers that help stimulate collagen growth.

What is the Function of Collagen in the Body?

From building skin and bones to creating cartilage and muscle, collagen is a protein in your body that plays a number of important roles. Giving your skin shape and strength, collagen is the main structural protein in skin. Resulting in thinner, sagging skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles, our bodies produce less collagen as we age. Collagen levels can be lowered by other factors, in addition to the aging process, including sun exposure and smoking, leading to premature aging of the skin.

Can You Replace Lost Collagen

Many products claim to be able to, as the idea that lost collagen can be easily replaced is a compelling one. Unfortunately, they really can’t as some collagen creams promise to restore your collagen. Different from collagen applied externally, is exogenous collagen and the collagen that’s produced inside your body, endogenous collagen. The molecules are too large to penetrate the epidermis and be absorbed into your body even if it were the same type. Questions do arise about whether the collagen can survive digestion. While some research has concluded that ingesting collagen peptides may increase your body’s collagen production, certain collagen powders and supplements claim to increase your collagen production. In general, they’re outdated, less cost-effective, and carry the risk of more unwanted side effects than newer dermal fillers as collagen-based fillers can temporarily replace lost collagen. The most effective solution is the use of dermal fillers that promote collagen production when it comes to replacing lost collagen for a more youthful appearance.

Dermal Fillers Promote Collagen Growth

Certain fillers can also provide long-term results. Dermal fillers are designed to replace lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and plump up your skin for a more youthful appearance in general. There are several dermal fillers will promote the growth of fresh new collagen in your skin that we offer.

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