Skin & Body Refinery was recently awarded Galderma’s, the makers of Dysport and Restylane, presidential level achievement. This is the highest level of achievement that can be awarded in the industry. In celebration of this making the presidential level, we would like to share Galderma’s Dysport and Restylane treatments and how they are often combined together to provide amazing, rejuvenated results. Galderma is one of the largest independent global dermatology companies that develop the Restylane and Dysport treatment. These are two different types of treatments that help renew the skin. Combining both treatments have many advantages. Restylane and Dysport are used to help enhance the facial features resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Dysport Injection Treatment

Dysport is an injectable treatment that smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Dysport is comparable to Botox injections. However, it has a few more advantages and benefits such as:
• Better Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Diminishes Crows Feet and Frown Lines
• Faster Results with no Recovery Time
• Like Botox, Dysport Doesn’t Require Surgery or Anesthesia

How Do Restylane Dermal Fillers Work?

Restylane is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler that also removes fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. Restylane comes in preparations that contain three different particle sizes. The different sizes help the doctor customize the patient’s treatments. The application of Restylane particle sizes are:
• Fine Particles Can Reshape the Face and Remove Fine Wrinkles
• Medium Particles Can Remove More Mild Cases of Wrinkling and Folds on the Skin
• Large Particles is Used to Create Volume and Fill in Space in Severe Wrinkling

Can You Combine Dysport & Restylane Treatments?

For those who want more youthful skin there are a lot of benefits of combining Dysport with Restylane. Both Restylane and Dysport can be given at the same time. Both treatments will not interfere with each other which allows both treatments to occur during the same session. Studies have suggested that patients that have received both Restylane and Dysport in the same area have better and longer lasting results than standalone treatments. When combining the two treatments the skin is softer and has a more natural look. When tightening the skin to remove fine lines or wrinkles, often the skin looks plastic and unnatural. With using Restylane and Dysport you can look younger without looking like a doll. The reason why the skin looks more natural is because the Dysport also helps to relax the skin so it doesn’t look tight. The Restylane fills in the looser areas which cause the fine lines and folds of the skin. Together you will have more youthful and natural looking skin to give you the results you deserve.

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Skin & Body Refinery is excided to receive the Presidential Level recognition from Galderma. We are dedicated of giving all of our customers the results they been wishing for. We love to help give our patients confidence and better health. If you wish to remove fine lines, wrinkles or want other med spa services, you are promised quality when visiting Skin And body Refinery. Make your appointment today.

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