As most of us find ourselves matching our face mask to our outfits, there are some serious struggles that come with wearing one so often. More and more people are starting to notice that they are getting acne around their chin and mouths as a result of mask wearing. This can be caused by the irritation and clogged pores that masks cause. Skin & Body Refinery is here to share some tips to help you avoid this ever-growing problem and keep your skin glowing.

How You Can Avoid Getting Pimples from Wearing a Mask

There are several steps that you can take to help ensure your skin is protected against acne from wearing a mask. Following are some important tips that you should follow each day.
– Wash Your Face Before Wearing a Mask: Before you put that mask on your face for the day, make sure you have washed your face. If there is dirt and oil on your skin prior to putting the mask on, it will be trapped there and will end up causing problems for you.
– Moisturize Skin: You will want to find a good moisturizer that can act as a barrier between your skin and your face mask. You will need to look for one that is oil and fragrance free so that it doesn’t further irritate your skin. A moisturizer that comes equipped with ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid will help to protect your skin as well.
– Clean Face Masks: Many of us are wearing masks that are washable. If you are wearing a disposable mask, make sure you through it away after wearing it and avoid wearing it over and over again. You should be cleaning your mask regularly to avoid bacteria growth. When you launder your face masks, stick to fragrance free detergent and lay them flat to dry. Sometimes these harsh detergents can be hard on your skin and cause irritation.
– Avoid Makeup Under Face Mask: This is the time to apply your eye makeup and let your eyes shine. Don’t worry about putting makeup on the mouth and chin area since people aren’t going to be seeing that area anyway. This will go a long way in keeping that skin from a breakout. Makeup will most likely end up on the back of your face mask, and it will also clog your pores.
– Avoid Harsh Products: If you use medicated products on your skin daily, you may want to stop using them while you are wearing a face mask. They can cause irritation that you don’t need any more of.

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