Here at Skin & Body Refinery, we offer many different services to help you look and feel fabulous. Some of our treatments are new concepts that have been introduced with improved technology and scientific research while others have been around for years. Facials are an example of a spa treatment that has been done for years. Most people are at least familiar with what a facial entails. Even though people know what a facial is they may not truly know the benefits of having consistent facial treatments done. Today we are going to talk to you about the reasons that Skin & Body Refinery encourages our clients to get regular facials.

Is Getting a Facial Done Good for Skin?

Increase Circulation – When you have a facial treatment it increases the circulation in your face. As your face is massaged during the treatment it increases blood flow and carries more oxygen and nutrients to you skin cells. This results in your face having a beautiful healthy glow after your facial.
Exfoliation – Another benefit of regular facial treatments is that it helps continually exfoliate your skin. Just like the weather around us changes routinely, so does our skin. The weather actually is part of the reason our skin changes. During the summer months when you are exposed to the sun more frequently your skin will not feel the same way that it does when it is cold and rainy outside. Getting a facial will help your skin keep up with the changes in your skin by providing the extra protection, hydration, and exfoliation that your body needs.
Custom Treatment – Trained estheticians went to school specifically to learn about how to help the different skin types be as healthy as possible. They are trained to notice any issues that you me having with your skin. Our expert estheticians can help you come up with the right skin regime for your skin. No two people have the same type of skin. Consequently no two people will have healthy, beautiful skin with the exact same skin regiment. The estheticians at Skin & Body Refinery can help you know what services and products are going to be the most beneficial for your skin.
Deep Cleaning – During your facial your skin will get a thorough deep cleaning. Even people that vigilantly keep up their daily skin regiment will end up with blogged pores or other problems at times. During your facial all of your blackheads will be extracted and clogged pores will be taken care of safely and correctly. When we take care of blackheads and clogged pores on our own sometimes we unknowingly damage our skin.
Relaxation – After you have a facial you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You will get to spend some time away from the cares of the world and just unwind and relax. Taking time for yourself will help reduce stress and tension that you may be feeling.

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So how often should you be having facials to have it be considered consistent? We recommend that you have a facial every four to six weeks. This will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful all year long. Give Skin & Body Refinery a call today to book your next appointment.

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