Do you remember when you were younger and you just could not wait for some of the experiences that you thought would make you more “grown-up?” Thoughts of getting glasses or contacts, graduating from high school, shaving, hitting puberty, getting your driver’s license, and many other experiences may have occupied your brain through much of your adolescence. When you finally started crossing things off that list you realized that some of it was fun but some of it just plain stinks. Shaving is one of the things that is fun when you first start but you quickly discover that it is a huge pain. The good news is that you do not have to continue shaving! Thanks to modern technology you can now have laser hair removal done. There are tons of advantages to having laser removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Let’s start with what exactly laser hair removal is. Lasers are used to remove unwanted hair from your face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and other areas. The laser essentially zaps the unwanted hair. It does not get rid of all your hair in one treatment but it does drastically reduce hair growth to the point that you can stop shaving altogether. Most people get the results they are hoping for after they have had three to seven sessions of laser hair treatment.

Does Laser Hair Removal Have Side Effects?

One advantage of having laser hair removal done is that it has minimal side effects. When you have the procedure done the pain level falls somewhere in between the pain caused by shaving your legs and the pain that you feel when you wax. Shaving does not hurt at all while waxing is pretty intense. Before your technician starts they will use ice to help numb the area before and after the treatment. Any pain that you do have only lasts a few days. The more that you do laser hair treatment the less painful that it is.

How Accurate is Laser Hair Removal?

Another advantage is that laser hair removal is extremely precise. This treatment is able to be so precise because it targets the hair right down to the follicle. The lasers are able to target dark, coarse hairs to zap while the skin around it is able to stay healthy. You will be able to target the areas that you and the technicians discuss without any problems.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

Laser hair removal is very cost effective. The upfront cost is large and sometimes discourages people from considering it but if you add up the cost of waxing treatments, creams, razors, and other methods of hair removal you will see that you are actually saving yourself money in the long run.

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Some people are worried about possible side effects of laser hair removal but Skin & Body Refinery wants to reassure you most of what you have heard is not true. Laser hair removal does not cause cancer or infertility! If you would like to discuss any concerns that you have give us a call and one of our technicians will answer any questions that you may have.

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