Massage therapy is an excellent way to relax the mind and body. Many people report that their massage therapy reduces stress, improves circulation, lessens pain, eliminate toxins, increases flexibility and sleep, boosts immunity, can help alleviate depression and anxiety as well as reduces the swelling associated with post-surgery and post-injury as some of the common benefits. However, there are some surprising benefits people do not always realize that come with having regular massage therapy and we at Skin and Body Refinery would like to share them today.

Correct Posture Massage

All of the daily sitting is counteracted. Many individuals are dealing some sort of postural stress according industry experts. That stress, more often than not, tends to manifest in the shoulders and neck. However, the desk workers should also be aware that with prolonged periods of sitting, more advanced forms of postural stress show up as pain or weakness in the low back and gluteal. Luckily, people find that massage therapy, can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting, allowing people to keep their desk jobs with routine massages while avoiding the negative physical impact.

Massage for Sore Muscles

Ease muscle pain. Massage therapy is a perfect solution for sore muscles. As mentioned, massage increases and improves circulation. For example, people naturally rub their elbow when they knock it on the table to relieve the pain. Also, according research, massage therapy is also an effective method to help reduce chronic back pain.

Soothe Anxiety & Depression with Massage

Not only relaxing, but extremely therapeutic, the human touch by a safe, friendly professional can have more meaning than people may assume. According to a study in 2005, women diagnosed with breast cancer who received massage therapy three times a week reported being less depressed and less angry. Additional studies found patients suffering from anxiety and depression were far more relaxed and happier, as well as had reduced stress levels when went to their routine massage therapy sessions.

Massage Sleep Benefits

Those who can’t otherwise comfortably rest find that massage encourages a restful sleep. According to experts, people saw in those undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, the massage therapy promoted relaxation and sleep.

Massage for Immune System

A large role in defending the body from disease is the white blood cell count, which research found that massage therapy can boost. With the extra boost, people see a significant reduction getting colds and better fight flue bugs with routine massage therapy.

Massage to Get Rid of Headache

Try booking a last-minute massage next time you develop a bad headache. Frequency and severity of tension headaches decreases with the massage therapy. Many people fin that immediately following a massage therapy session that the effects perceived pain in patients with chronic tension headache are relieved. They have also been known to help some people combat migraines.

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No matter if you are looking for a way to de-stress, find physical or mental relief, or looking for added benefits mentioned about, Skin and Body Refinery offer relaxing massage therapy services. Call us to book your next appointment today!

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