Living in the digital age, it seems that people are taking photos all the time. The pictures show up all over the internet and if you are not happy with your smile then most people turn to the internet for answers. The problem is that there are always fads that come and go and some of them might seem interesting but in turn they can actually be damaging. The biggest issue is that it may be hard to look at these great ideas and determine what you should stay away from and what can really work. Concerning teeth whitening, if you start to cause damage to your teeth and the enamel there is often not a way to recover. It is important to not only use approved treatments for tooth whitening. Skin & Body Refinery lists teeth whitening trends that could be damaging to your teeth.

Activated Charcoal is Bad for Teeth

You have probably seen the videos of people using a black substance on their teeth to clean them. This is a charcoal based paste that is supposed to be used to whiten your teeth. It may seem counterproductive to rub black on your teeth and expect them to turn white but that is the claim. Charcoal is a great way to treat many toxins in the hospital but when it is ingested. It is an extremely porous and has the ability to soak up other sediment and unwanted particles. The problem is that is it also course and rubbing that on your teeth can actually cause damage to the teeth and the enamel. It is best to stay with an approved whitening substance that does not change the enamel of your teeth.

Lemon Juice Will Damage Tooth Enamel

One of the worst things for the overall health of your mouth and the protection of the enamel is acid. This is found in many foods and drinks that include lemon juice! The juice when in your mouth will affect the PH balance and that is not a good thing. The balance is needed to keep the enamel on your teeth protected. If you choose to use a lemon juice treatment you are essentially causing erosion to your enamel.

Can Oil Whiten Teeth?

Oil is a substance that has been used for centuries in many instances. It is a natural substance that is extracted from plants and more to make an oil. It is a great vessel that can have smells and other vitamins added to increase the usability. If you try what is referred to as oil pulling you may be wasting your time and money. Good oil such as coconut and olive oil are not cheap and swishing it in your mouth for nearly 20 minutes is a bad idea. There is no research that shows that oil pulling is a way to increase the whiteness of your teeth. Save yourself time and money and go with a dental approved treatment.

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Skin & Body Refinery uses the DaVinci teeth whitening system used by Dental Professionals and Salons. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and are always fresh, to ensure that it will not hurt enamel or weaken existing dental work. Call us to learn more about this superior teeth whitening treatment today!

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