Acrochordon, or skin tag, is a common skin growth that is a small fold of skin slightly resembling a mole. Skin tags are harmless in nature. However, they can become an irritation and even get caught on clothes. Many
wonder what causes skin tags and if they can be prevented and/or removed. The Skin and Body Refinery will answer these questions and share more about skin tags.

What Causes Skin Tags on Face, Neck & Body?

Skin tags can appear smooth, as a bump or as a flap that is attached to the skin by a narrow stalk called the peduncle. Unfortunately doctors still don’t know exactly why skin tags form. In most cases skin tags form around natural folds of skin such as the underarm or armpit, the neck, eyelids, and in the groin. It is believed the friction of skin rubbing together is the culprit as to why skin tags form. However, there still isn’t any direct answer as to why they will form. Some recent studies associated with skin tags suggest a virus may lead to the development of skin tags. The papilloma virus (HPV) is a low risk virus. Those with HPV seem to develop more skin tags than others. Another culprit may be genetics. Those with family members who have known cases of skin tags are more prone to developing skin tags in the future. Skin tags will affect about 45% percent of human population, more often in the elderly, and particularity women who are overweight, as well as those with diabetes.

Skin Tag Removal Options

Skin tags, when they develop, will often develop in groups or in a cluster. However often one will show up first. Many people hate the feeling of the skin tags rubbing against their clothes or how the skin tags make them look. Luckily, skin tags can be removed. Each doctor varies on how they like to remove the skin tags. Here are some of the common methods for skin tag removal.
Surgical Skin Tag Removal: The skin tags can be removed surgically. Often the site is numbed and then the skin tags are simply cut off with a surgical knife. Another method that is considered to be surgical is when the doctor removes the skin tags with medical scissors, simply cutting the skin tag off after the site is injected with a numbing agent. Depending on the size of the skin tag the site may require small stitches.
Freezing Skin Tags: Another common method to remove skin tags is by freezing them. Liquid Nitrogen is applied to the skin tags. The liquid nitrogen freezes the skin. Over time the skin tag will dry out and fall off on its own. Depending on the size of the skin tag it can take a few days to a week for the skin tags to fall off. Occasionally additional treatments are needed, typically on larger skin tags.
Burning Skin Tag Removal: One method that has immediate result is burning the skin tags off. It may sound worse than it is. The skin tag sights are first numbed. The doctor uses a heat pen and cuts the skin tags away. Because the skin tags are essentially cauterized while the skin tags are removed there is no bleeding and recovery is much quicker. The skin tags are removed very quickly as well as.

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