When you are getting ready for the summer, many people start to look for the perfect swimsuit, the best vacation spot and time off to relax. The weather outside is warm and beautiful and that means laying out and water activities are on the top of the list. Some people want to start their tan off early and get that golden sun kissed look. The problem is that the sun can cause some damage to your skin and it will not go away without some intervention. You want to make sure you know what to do about sun damage and what you can do to prevent it in the first place. Skin & Body Refinery outlines what sun damage is and what you can do about it.

What Causes Sun Damage to Skin?

When you are born your skin is taught and smooth and clear of marks and lines. As you age the skin will start to change and that has to do with the amount of exposure you have to the sun. The sun can cause a plethora of issues with your skin that you may not realize are from the sun. Too much ultraviolet (UV) exposure can cause sunburn. The UV rays penetrate the outer skin layers and hit the deeper layers of the skin where they can damage or kill skin cells. When the sun has caused some damage there are some ways that you can have them treated if you catch them early.

What Does Sun Damage to Skin Look Like?

If you go to the doctor and they are looking for sun damage there are a few things they will be checking for. One is the presence of a sunburn or a tan line from the sun. Another thing they want to look for are called actinic keratosis and that is a scaly patch that starts to form on the skin. They are often found on the face, neck and hands. They will also look for age spots that some people think come from the standard aging process. The fact is that the age spots are darkening of the skin in a particular area and are due to sun damage. They also will look for moles that are not typical and also wrinkles are a sign that you have had sun damage on your skin. You want to make sure that you see a health care professional about the level of sun damage that you have.

How Can You Protect Yourself from the Sun?

The best way to treat sun damage is to prevent it as often as you can. Sun damage is not something that you want to deal with because over time it can lead to skin cancer that can be a scary diagnosis. You want to make sure that you use sunscreen, wear long sleeves and hats that cover your head, face and neck. If you are in the sun even on an overcast day you want to use caution. You also can be exposed to sun damage in the cold months as well.

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You can see a technician at a medical spa such as Skin & Body Refinery to treat your sun damage in many ways. We can offer microdermabrasion to treat the top layers of skin as well as chemical peels and even injections to treat the fine line and wrinkles. We also have a laser treatment that can reduce the color of the age spots as well. Call us today to make an appointment to treat your damaged skin.

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